Adobe is on ‘Edge’

adobe edge

A few months back I wrote an article on Adobe Wallaby; a piece of software created to convert Flash files into HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Since then Adobe has created another entry in the Adobe Labs: Edge. From the preview i found on YouTube (see below) it seems that Edge is heading in the direction of overtaking Flash as the premier animation tool for web developers. Of course, only time well tell, but in the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to further explain Edge and introduce it to the readers of DBMEi.

First displayed at Adobe MAX 2010, Adobe Edge targets designers and developers looking for an adept method to raise web standards like HTML to help generate content that provides smooth motion and transitions. THe need for a lightweight, pro-grade tool that is a complimentary addition to Adobe’s current line up of web tools including Adobe Flash Pro CS5.5, Dreamweaver CS5.5, and Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 software.

Perhaps even more significantly, Adobe has announced that because of rapid changes in HTML5, they are initiating an open development policy with Edge. Because of this Adobe Labs will release the software earlier than is usual in the common process of the software development process. Since user feedback is returned to watchful developers before beta begins, that feedback will actually help to shape the final product. To ice that cake, Adobe announced they will also provide a zero-cost download that web designers can download to begin to explore and provide that vital feedback.

Check out this Preview of Adobe Edge:

Adobe Enhancements

Adobe has leapt through several notable milestones over the last year. These include elements such as:

– Contributions to jQuery
– Enhanced HTML5 output for Creative Suite 5.5
– Submitting code to webkit

Adobe Edge Features

The preview of Adobe Edge will work natively with HTML to allow designers to implement motion into existing HTML documents. With no alterations in the integrity of CSS layouts, creating visually enhanced content entirely from scratch becomes possible. Edge uses traditional drawing tools that can produce many HTML elements that are styled with CSS3.

Standard supported web graphics assets include:


These can easily be styled using CSS3. A design stage uses WebKit to enable the design manipulation of the content with incredibly clarity. A ‘new’ timeline element – borrowed from Flash –  supplies new perspectives and options in animation productivity. Motion can be applied smoothly to elements of the HTML with ease and accuracy.

Edge content can be used on common browsers including:

– Blackberry Playbook
– Android
– iOS
– Hp webOS
– Safari
– Chrome
– IE9
– Firefox

Could this new tool further help animated content find its way to new devices such as the IPad? I guess we’re going to have to wait to find out! In the meantime visit Adobe Labs to download a FREE copy of Edge!


Adobe Labs

IT Pro: Adobe Previews Flash Alternative Edge

MK Multimedia: Adobe Edge Preview

PC World: Adobe Edge: What You Need to Know 



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