Seminars & Workshops

Lead Generation via Social & Search Optimization

Professionals walk you through best practices for using digital media for building your branding, growing an audience and engaging the crowd for business and action.

  • Learn about the content that effects Search Engines
  • Learn ways to leverage and mine data using Social Search
  • Learn about types of content that increases Social Engagement
  • Best Practices for Personal Branding and Social Networking

Intro to Internet Marketing

  • Understand the foundations in Internet for communication and business from web 1.0 into web 3.0 and beyond.
  • Introduced to ideas and best practices for business website design, function, and search engine optimization.
  • Introduced to best practices and data about social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs)
  • Introduced to data about mobile marketing strategies and data to support such practices.

SEO 101 – Search Engine Optimization

  • Learn what SEO is in definition and practice
  • Understand the difference between organic and paid search (data to support info)
  • Understand the three major components of SEO and how they work.
  • Have an understanding of the difference of visitors vs customers
  • Have a CLEAR understanding of Analytic Basics
  • Understand Advertising Models from Impressions, Click Through Rates and Conversions

Social Media 101 – Introduction to types of Social Media

  • Have a clear understanding of the top ten social media sites
  • Have a plan on how to use the top social sites and have effective time management
  • Get introduced to advertising models inside these social media sites
  • Understand the value of content and how it develops social brand awareness

Content Creation and Protection Practices

  • Understand best practices for content
  • Understand Fair Use and Sources to gather content
  • Know how to detect and monitor your content
  • Understand the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

What is a Personal Brand?

  • Understand what a brand is and why it’s important
  • Understand how to create and facilitate a brand
  • Have a basic plan of action in digital media for a personal brand

What does the data show about the internet?

  • Will understand how consumers use the internet
  • Have data that shows who and how consumers purchase
  • Take away best execution practices and time management techniques
  • Understand Social Media for Business, from visitor to customer and perhaps advertiser

Facebook Success Stories

  • Introduced to three successful Facebook campaigns/business
  • Data about Facebook best practices
  • Learn how to use the Facebook Advertising Platform
  • Learn how to develop a brand page on Facebook

Small Business Brand Strategies

  • Understand how to develop a brand that you can facilitate
  • Understand how to use your brand in marketing not advertising
  • Understand how to create strategic digital alliances
  • Understand how to empower your clients to be your voice
  • Introduced to technical and social strategies to generate sustainable marketing

Social Media Tools: Mixing Automation with Personal Practice

  • Introduction to RSS and how to use it, both internally and externally
  • Introduction to the Best Twitter Tools
  • Introduction to cooperative sharing tools
  • Learn how to leverage LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Groups to generate exposure.

Creating Your Voice: How to Become the Authority in Your Field

  • Learn how to create content (Blogs, Video, Events)
  • Learn how to generate shared content (RSS Feeds, Conversations)
  • Learn how to connect, share and network digitally (Social Media)
  • Learn how to contribute to your industry (Speaking, Hosting, Sponsoring, Membership)

How to evaluate a Digital or Social Media Professional or Agency

  • Understand experience in Digital Context
  • Understand how to evaluate social media value
  • Understand how to compare agency exposure or experience
  • Learn about Analytical Tools to help understand Social Influence
  • Learn how to Qualify a Speaker or Trainer (Why it’s your responsibility too!)

How to network: Creating a Plan for Success!

  • Learn how to pick when and how to network
  • Understand the touch process, from first touch to conversion
  • Successful IRL networking (In Real Life)
  • Successful Digital networking (connections that matter)
  • Why and How to Follow Up (LinkedIn, eMails, Phone Calls)

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