Why Does A Company Need A Logo?


When you mention business branding many may believe that means to be the logo itself. Although the logo is only a small piece of the larger marketing puzzle, it is in fact a very vital one. A logo is a symbol that will provide consumers with hopefully instant brand recognition. At least that is the goal for any business logo.

For a large business, their most cherished goal for their brand logo is for it to be recognized even without, or before the words are in viewable range. For business giants, a lofty goal is to provide a logo with no words and still have it instantly recognized. Think about the Nike logo. The ‘Swoosh’, (as it is now known) can be merely described as simple, fluid and fast. These words depict the Nike logo that has successfully grown to be one of the most influential insignia throughout the world. At this point, Nike no longer has to accompany their mark with the company name. Anybody who spots the swoosh knows exactly what company it is; and after years of reinforcing the mark with successful advertising campaigns, the viewer associates everything Nike stands for with one simple graphic mark.

What Message Should Your Logo Convey?
The absolute goal of your company’s logo is to convey the goals, values, and message behind your company. A logo should provide a clear message with a strong association towards your brand. A great logo will display professionalism and the opportunity for growth regardless of the size of the company presently. Keep your logo up-to-date but also make sure to market-test your efforts with logo options if your business is in its earlier stages.
A confident and effective logo will use its design to communicate a message that will attract a target audience, the audience you desire. The logo will create recognition for your brand while helping to differentiate you from your competitors. If your logo does not fulfill this mission, you may want to consider an update or an overhaul to help re-position your company’s slot on the map.

Traditional Logos vs Logotype
Logos come in two forms. The traditional icon or logo, and logotypes. When we think of a logo, most think of a symbol. However, many highly successfully branded businesses have relied solely on a logotype.
A logotype, better understood as a ‘word mark’, is a method of typesetting a word or phrase. One very commonly known logotype is the scripted Coca-Cola brand logo.

From the designers prospective, it is infinitely more work to create the icon form of logo. Since an icon logo design still has to consider the type in addition to the symbol, it is a larger or more time-consuming project for your web designer.

Which of these types of logos will be suit your needs?
If you are pressed for time, consider that full logo icons will take a bit more time for the pro designer to create.
Can your business be summed up with just a plain icon? Or will it require text to convey the full message.
Are you featuring unique opportunities or benefits? Since service-based businesses may be difficult to sum up with a plain logo, you may either need some text, or a significantly overriding theme.
Are you avoiding clichés? Every housekeeping company can slap a broom and mop bucket on their logo, but will yours stand out to help indentify your brand if you use them too?

Three Great Logo Elements to Keep in Mind
1. Your logo should add meaning. If the logo symbol cannot convey the overall meaning alone, be sure that the text compliments and includes deeper understanding of the finished product.

2. Word marks. Your word marks or included text should assist in making your name more memorable. If the name of your business is difficult to convey in a picture, make sure your type or font does the job for it.

3. Adding your URL. If you plan to add your URL to your logo. Try to add it as a subordinate, or tagline addition. It should never overpower the meaning and message that the logo itself coveys alone.

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  1. Josh Lenny says:

    There are companies that really possess a good logo. Some are wacky and fun; some are simple yet elegant. It would depend though on how you want to market yourself out there and if your logo fits your type of company. You can’t be into a gaming company and have a super serious logo, right?

    • Well of could you COULD, but but most game companies are marketing themselves towards a young, hip crowd and therefore they use a graphic that they think will catch the attention and attitude of the younger demographic.

  2. Langella Meyers says:

    Companies do need logos for identity. They build up a reputation and their logo is one way to easily recognize this. Because what is a good reputation when the people don’t recognize you? Logos are made so that people would remember you.

  3. Seth Jones says:

    One of the best and most recognizable logos are from fast food chains and I think these companies are doing well on it. They are distinct and easily recognizable. They build their brand around their logo. KFC and McDonald’s is probably one of the best logos that people would easily recognize around the world.

    • another good example is Starbucks. Take a good look around next time you grab a coffee. Their logo is everywhere. The cups, napkins, wrappers of products, signage about the store, the shirts, hats and aprons of the employees, etc etc…same goes w/ the overall color scheme and style.

  4. Melinda George says:

    I think it’s important that the logo should bring out what the company really is. If you’re a banking company, make a logo that would look like people can trust you and that you are secure, safe, and stable. It would depend on how you design it or market yourself. Once you got a good logo, it would show how effective you are in conveying to the people what your business really is.

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