Marketing Made Simple TV

Hosted by Jeff Ogden

TV Show dedicated to Interview of Marketing and Industry Professionals to help provide guidance to our readers and viewers.






  1. I want to Jeff Ogden for making me part of this exciting project. He is an amazing person with many talents. He also has quite a sense of humor that he keeps under his hat.
    I think the show itself is a terrific educational venue and I am honored to play a small part in it (the first and last 15 seconds).


  1. […] You can find Marketing Made Simple TV on YouTube, this blog, and the show website at Marketing Made Simple TV. In addition, it is being syndicated by Digital Brand Marketing Educations and Interactives. […]

  2. […] I hope you’ll check out our new show too, Marketing Made Simple TV. It also airs on YouTube, Digital Brand Marketing and other sites, starting tomorrow at noon […]

  3. […] Marketing Made Simple TV is also a syndicated show. It runs on YouTube, Marketing Made Simple TV,, with more sites being signed up all the time. For sponsors, this means more exposure and more […]

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