Twitter and TV: The Hashtags are #Here, #There, #Everywhere

Is it just me, or have Twitter hashtags been showing up almost everywhere lately? I can’t seem to watch a TV show or read a magazine without spotting one.

Hashtags are used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet to categorize those specific tweets to show up easier, and they are now popping up on numerous TV shows. Now, as you are watching one of your fall favorites, you can chat along with other people on Twitter.

For example, on Monday night while watching Dancing with the Stars, the #DWTS hashtag in the bottom right hand corner caught my eye once again and I decided to see what the buzz was about on Twitter. People were saying things like: @x0xMonetCerutti said, “Dancing with the stars should call itself ‘Dancing with people you kinda know from somewhere but don’t really care anyways,’” @nanchers said, “Rob and Cheryl are gonna win dancing with the stars,” and @gangstaNenoo said, “Dancing with the stars is all about popularity not about who can dance the best!!!” among countless others.

And this is done for a copious amount of other shows like: #ModernFamily, #Glee, #The BigBangTheory, #SouthPark, #GossipGirl, #Fringe, #HowIMetYourMother, #2BrokeGirls, #NewGirl, #TheOffice, #Community, #TheVoice and plenty more.  

Here’s a link to a YouTube video that shows how TV is channeling Twitter more often than ever.

There is even a show on the USA Network and a Website called Character Chatter, which allows you to “chat” along with other Tweeters about the “characters” in a show or movie. This show directly manifests the art of the hashtag.

Whether you may be watching Elf starring Will Ferrell or NCIS starring Mark Harmon, you can actively let your voice be heard. For example, in researching the Website, the left hand side features the latest chatter and the right hand side shows a character buzz meter. Currently, for the show Covert Affairs, character Auggie Anderson is getting the most buzz and user Christopher Gorham is the most active commenter for this show; comments averaging 1,256 a day. That’s a heck of a lot of tweeting.

TV hashtags are clearly a great marketing tool that has emerged from a shift in consumer trends called “Multiple Media-Multi-Tasking.” What that means is that consumers have increased multi-tasking with social media while watching television, therefore TV viewers are more likely to use Twitter and even Facebook while watching their favorite shows. This increases the chances of the viewer to hop on Twitter using their Smartphone to see what’s going on in the Twitterverse.

What about you, have you noticed these TV Hashtags? Do you find yourself multi-tasking while watching your favorite shows?


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Facebook vs. Twitter: Britney Spears & JLo, What’s your site?

It all started — for my generation at least — with MySpace, and once that lost its cool (and it did rather quickly) Facebook took over the lives of every person I knew in high school. If you weren’t on Facebook, you were like an alien. But then the newest trend, Twitter, crept up in college and now, slowly, my friends are entering the Twitterverse and everywhere I go, everything I do, Twitter is there.

Facebook and Twitter are both exceptional social networking tools, but people, even celebrities, always seem to prefer one over the other. Let’s break them down, shall we?


Most celebrities use both networking Sites, but their Facebook pages are more to generate as many “Likes” as possible and to promote themselves. Singers Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez have generated a huge amount of fans. J.Lo has 6,960,324 fans and Britney Spears has 14,934,002 fans. Both use their pages to post events, tour dates, music videos, pictures and general information regarding their latest music endeavors. It is also very likely that these high profile singers don’t have the time to constantly update their Facbook page, and therefore have someone else do it for them. However, there are posts that are specifically from the celebs.

For example, one of Spears’s recent posts is, “These guys make me look pretty on the stage screens every night… say hello to the video crew! –Brit” and there is a picture of her crew to go along with it. One of J.Lo’s recent posts says, “Walk this way w/ @IamStevenT @YO_RANDYJACKSON@RyanSeacrest for the Season 11 #Idol premiere @americanidol and there is a video sneak peak of her new show.

J.Lo even has her Facebook fans help promote her latest songs. In a March 2011 article, it was stated that in order for her fans to hear the song, “I’m Into You,” before the official release date, they had to “Like” her page first, therefore generating more followers. Back in July, Spears created a promotional Facebook Contest where hopefuls had to log on to Facebook and “Like” her page before viewing a specific sweepstakes tab to automatically be entered into a random drawing for a pair of tickets to her “Femme Fatale” concert in Nashville, TN.

Facebook is clearly a great promotional and endorsement tool for celebrities like Spears and J.Lo to generate more followers.


Both Britney Spears and J.Lo have Twitter accounts as well. Spears has become the sixth twitter user to reach 10 million followers, whereas J.Lo has over three million followers; both are still very impressive. Twitter has become an outlet for Spears to know more about her fans and since she started using it, her fan base has increased dramatically. In fact, it has been reported that two years ago her song “Womanizer” jumped from no. 96 to no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 due to Twitter alone. Furthermore, Spears signs off on every post she writes on Twitter, much like she does on her Facebook page, but you can see that her Twitter generates much more traffic.

J.Lo’s Twitter also drives more traffic than her Facebook page. She is constantly updating her “LOVE?RS” on what she is doing entertainment wise; whether that is working on American Idol, rehearsing for a show or helping out a charity or foundation. J.Lo also has a second Twitter page for her LOVE? World Tour, not run by Lopez herself, but fans can access the page for updates on the tour and quick tips like how to get in shape like her.

Twitter is a great marketing tool for these singers, increases their popularity at lightning speed and is the fastest and easiest medium for fans to connect to their favorite celebrity.

The truth is, Twitter is the new kid in school and Facebook is becoming the old horse. Everyone wants what’s fresh and popular at the moment, and lately that appears to be Twitter.

When it comes to social networking Sites, which bandwagon are you on? Do you “Like” Facebook, or are you a “Tweet-aholic?” Let me know in the comments!


$how me the money—In 140-Character$ or Le$$

Kim Kardashian gets paid an estimated $10,000 per tweet. No, that isn’t a typo. It is a number one followed by four zeros. I’d be satisfied if I could get paid just $10 bucks to tweet! Then again I am nowhere near famous and my going shopping with my mother is apparently not as interesting as Kim shopping with mom Kris.

Kardashian is not alone. Former Playboy Playmate and girlfriend to Hugh Hefner Kendra Wilkinson is paid $11,700 per tweet, Dr. Drew is paid $10,000 per tweet and Lindsay Lohan is paid $3,500 per tweet.

What do these celebrities, among numerous others, have in common? They are used as a marketing ploy to drive traffic to a particular product. For example, Kardashian has a contract with the advertising company and last December she tweeted, “Heading 2 the gym! Got my @Reebok EasyTones on! LOVE THESE! Go get ‘em @Dickssportcmo.”  That’s a $10,000 dollar paycheck for just 71 characters. Love her or hate her, Kardashian gets paid millions to be herself, a job we are all very capable of doing, which causes the utmost jealously among many. Perhaps if we regular folks got paid to tweet, we wouldn’t feel so bad.

Well, maybe we can!   

Twit Pic of Kardashian in her Reeboks

According to social media Website, the top three ways to get paid per tweet are: My Likes, Sponsored Tweets through Izea and Tweet Mob.

Basically these Sites are for people who already have a high Twitter following and will therefore drive more traffic toward their Site. No advertiser is going to pay you to tweet if you have 3 followers who include your mom, brother and best friend. Once a high following is established, your Twitter account become more attracted to advertisers. If you sign up for one of these sites and have what advertisers are looking for, you will receive offers from them who will in turn pay you money.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I don’t know if I am completely sold on the idea just yet, but if you are interested, definitely check these Websites out…and let me know if they wind up working for you!


Philanthro-Tweet: Using Social Media for the Greater Good

Social Saturdays on DBMEi

Let’s face it, celebrities often abuse their rights of stardom and do stupid things that become broadcasted on every social media Website and news outlet. We don’t always care that recent Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert moved into her New York City home with her fiancé, that Kim Kardashian went bowling with her hubby or how Lil Wayne celebrated his birthday, yet these are popular topics that trend in the Twitterverse.

However, there are some famous personalities who use Twitter and Facebook for the cause of the greater good, like the CW’s One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush, for example.

Sophia Bush has been an active philanthropist for a few years now, dabbling in eight projects at a time to help save the environment. On her Crowdrise fundraising page, she shares her charitable life with the world, rallies donations and constantly keeps her fans up to date on her Twitter and Facebook pages.

Bush originally thought social media Sites were for people who just wanted to post irrelevant things (like how some people will write what they wore, ate, and how many times they went to the bathroom), but gave in on Dec. 15, 2009 and has amassed 407,765 followers since then.

The disaster that sparked her Twitter interest? The BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Here’s a video of Bush with her One Tree Hill costar/ real-life boyfriend, Austin Nichols from their visit to the Gulf Coast:

Bush dreams big; big enough to have raised a total of $92,181 for all eight of her projects combined. Those projects include: Team Nature Conservancy SF ($52,192), Run for the Gulf ($18,192), Global Green Gulf Relief ($14,067), Massai Villagers Need a Truck! ($2,529), Friends of NWHS-Global ($130), Meditation for at Risk Kids ($190), Art of Elysium Rocks! ($3,347) and Massai Wilderness Conservation Fund ($1,459).

If you think that’s a lot, just wait — there’s more. Bush created her own limited edition Water Bobble, which, with every purchase, 50 percent goes to the Nature Conservancy’s fight to protect nature. She also won the 2011 Do Something Twitter Award for her environmental activism against celebrities Ashley Green, Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher and Eva Longoria.

Here’s a quote from Bush, written in September of last year article: “That’s the most exciting thing, that all of these people coming out of the woodwork and contacting me and joining the teams on Crowdrise are all people who genuinely want to make a difference. We have voices and we have the ability to act, and the ability to create change.”

Sure, she may get paid close to $100,000 per episode on One Tree Hill and therefore has the money to advocate so strongly for the environment, but she is only one person. It makes you wonder, what have you done to save the environment lately?

If you want to become one of Sophia Bush’s #LittleVoices, visit her Twitter account, @SophiaBush or personal Website, for more information.


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