NEW! Digital Brand Marketing Event:

 Walt Whitman Mall will be hosting us! For Free! And there’ll be FREE SNACKS!!

Should I Come?

If you’re a social media /  marketing / PR nerd, this will be heaven for you, trust me.

If you’ve been to an LITweetup before, then duh. See you there.

If you ‘re a small business owner, journalist, artist, educator, parent, police officer, doctor, student or anybody else who’s interested in how the world is changing because of these crazy new social communications technologies, this would be a smart place for you to be. You’ll have a chance to meet real people who work and think about this stuff all the time without having to worry about being attacked by ‘business card in your face‘ style networkers (more here).


Open Event to All Business Owners, Project Managers and Digital & Social Media Professionals

dbmei holiday networking eventdbmei holiday networking event    

Walk In Ready! They’ll be filming as you enter the door!

Open Event to All Business Owners, Project Managers and Digital & Social Media Professionals

No Vendors, No Presentations, No Sales Pitch
Get one to one networking exposure with Long Island’s Premier Digital & Social Media Professionals, Business Owners & Networkers
Who? … Business Owners, StartUps, Digital & Social Media Professionals
Why? Get introduced to the premier publication for Digital, Branding & Marketing based right here on Long Island, with 12 authors from 4 states is the only publication dedicated to providing Digital & Social Professionals a platform to “Read, Write & Share” not only making them the leaders in the industry but providing small business owners and agencies a tool to learn about the latest technology, tools and strategies. has had a presence at every major Conference and Expo in the Digital & Social Media industry this past year.
“Having attended almost every major or worthy event on Long Island and NYC this past year. The common critique has been either the food could be better or they needed more time to network. HERE YOU GO LONG ISLAND! I am personally going to make sure your mouth is busy, bring your business cards and appetite!” Basil C. Puglisi Executive Director @basilpuglisi

Feel Free to Reach out to @BasilPuglisi or 631.932.0024


Dec 14th 2011

We are supporting a great event for another great group!


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