This Site Has Moved: DBMEi becomes Digital Ethos

You may have noticed that this site stopped updating this month, wondering why?

We re-branded and re-launched on and in a big way! The Magazine, Education Portal, Events Calendar and Digital Media Week have all been integrated into the evolving mission of Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives. We spent months preparing for this, we looked at our mission, our goals, our passions and then thought about our brand. It was decided that the organization needed something shorter, purposeful and memorable, the final decision was found when we were introduced to the word Ethos.

Ethos is a Greek word meaning “character” that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology.

Ethos forms the root of ethikos, meaning “moral, showing moral character”. It is the origin of the modern English word ethics.

While we started the organization as a tool to look at Marketing in the digital space, we believe that at the core the focus should be on communications. Digital Marketing does more then sell products, it creates awareness. While we will continue to place an emphasis on how business, organizations and individuals can use these tools for marketing their brand, be it for personal or business, we see a bigger needs.

  • The need to bring high speed internet and access to digital communications to everyone, everywhere.
  • The need to keep this communication tool free of censorship or limitation for all of humanity.
  • The ultimate need of not only being able to consume information, but the need to provide education and training to empower society (humanity) with the ability to contribute to it.

So we have outlined the next stage of our development below.

What Digital Ethos hopes to accomplish.

Core Initiatives:

  • Demystify how digital media works in order for the public to gain access to information and publically available resources
  • Educate the public to participate in digital communication streams both as consumers and contributors to become savvy digital media communicators
  • Develop outreach programs that bring digital media resources to underrepresented geographic and demographic areas.
  • Generate awareness about the need for high speed internet access in every home, school and business in the world.
  • Provide information and support to keep digital media communications open and free to all without unwarranted censorship or limitation by governments.
  • Provide feedback to digital media agencies, organizations, solution providers as it retains to the access to information and/or dissemination of information that is accurate to the public.

How Digital Ethos will accomplish this.

The Organization uses the following Interactives (programs) to accomplish its mission:

  • Digital Media Daily – Blog
  • Digital Media Monthly – Newsletter
  • Digital Media Quarterly – Print Magazine
  • Digital Media Education – Distance Learning Portal
  • Digital Media Events – Live Conferences, Summits & Workshops
  • Digital Media Society – Organized Campaign of Influencers and Supporters

The content of the publications center around digital communications and tools to provide businesses, organizations and individuals information and support for; Design, Multimedia, Web Development, Search, Social, Mobile, Technology and more. The Organization will use the publications and events to generate awareness in underrepresented areas about digital communications as a tool for learning, economic development and the need to keep them uncensored and without limitations.

What will the benefit be and to whom?

The benefit of the organizations existence is to provide a center (unbiased) approach to communications and information. The organization must balance humanities basic needs for communication. Facilitating content and initiatives that are open and empowered by volunteers, not directed by financial or political needs, provides our society and humanity a voice to preserve the freedoms created by digital media technology for communications & information.

This will benefit business, organizations and individuals by granting them access to resources traditionally limited to those endless means or larger financial resources. Bringing such technology, practices and tools serves as a way to preserve a global economy and a productive and peaceful society.

Digital Ethos’ Digital Media Education Initiative:

Digital Ethos’ Digital Media Education provides Digital Media Communications and Culture support for the development of businesses, organizations and individuals. The understanding of such tools and culture is the key to economic development that creates opportunity and reduces misunderstandings, inefficiency or conflict.

The Digital Media Education program uses two processes to accomplish this goal, Publications and Interactives. The publications follow a “Read, Write & Share” philosophy, while the Interactives use a “Experience, Execute & Interact” philosophy covering subject matter in Social Media, Search Engines, Mobile Technology, Conferences, Networking and Brand Marketing. The Interactives are social experiences that help foster networking and learning. The Interactives are based on communication and can be digital or conducted in real life.

Thos who enter into the Digital Media Education program participate in an experiential learning process that involves content creation, networking and facilitation to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities. The Digital Media Education initiative provides activities and information for society to become empowered and proficient for all individuals and their organizations.

The Digital Media Education program provides professional development support and unbiased content for society to foster better use of digital communication technology and strategies. In doing so, Digital Ethos’ Digital Media Education fosters a climate for successful business development, outreach and personal communications that create a safer and more productive workforce.



  1. Madeline Case says:

    So when will this be launched?

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