Happy Social Media Day 2012

Three years ago (in 2010), Mashable declared June 30th to be Social Media Day, and it has continued to grow since then.  It is a day created to help people across the globe celebrate the “one thing that unites us and keeps us in constant contact:  social media.”  In 2010, there were more than 600 Meetups in 90 countries, and that number more than doubled in 2011, when there were more than 1,400 Meetups worldwide.  In fact, nine cities and one U.S. State have declared Social Media Day an official holiday.

In the past, even Major League Baseball has gotten in on the celebration, by delivering a wide array of digital initiatives to reward fans during the 2011 All-Star Balloting.  All that was required to be entered to win a sweepstakes was to “like” their favorite team’s official Facebook page.  In addition, all 18 clubs that played games on Social Media Day had their own hashtag for fans to use in “hashtag battles” on Twitter.  Finally, all fans checking in to one of the games on Social Media Day were able to win a free team-specific “checked-in” T-shirt!

Social Media Day is our opportunity to celebrate the technology that is bringing the world closer together.  Just imagine a world without Facebook and Twitter.  I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to meet and communicate on-line with Chris Brogan.  I would never have had an opportunity to talk to Frank Eliason on Twitter, and have him generously provide a copy of his book, while attending BlogWorld 2012.  I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with friends long lost from a time long ago (sleep away camp).

Social Media Day is a great opportunity for us to get out there and meet those we have talked to and those that have touched us throughout the year, using the great medium we now call Social Media.

To find local events in your area, visit Mashable’s Social Media Day website, and make sure to follow @mashSMday for the latest updates!

What are you doing to celebrate?


Craig E. Yaris is the owner of EsquireTech Solutions, which helps small business get found on the social web, whether through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, he can both teach you the effective use of any social network or act as your social media manager, enabling you to reach your clients where they are and when they want to hear from you.  He can teach your organization the social media best practices that can help you use the tools of today to cost-effectively increase your bottom line.  EsquireTech Solutions brings the social web to your business.  Visit EsquireTech Solutions or call 516-495-9107.


Image courtesy of Mashable



  1. Hi Craig,
    I am celebrating social media day by staying off the computer and having real-live interactions with people. Since I am online almost 24/7, it is more of a celebration to me to be ‘social’ in person. So if you want to reach me on line, you will have to wait until next month. No bigger, that’s tomorrow.
    And don’t forget your list for the show taping at 11:30 on Monday. I will let you know how to get into the taping room. Be on hand a few minutes before so that we are ready to start at 11:30. Thanks and have a good weekend,
    Over and OUT!

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