Social Media is HARD

The dictionary defines “perception” as “understanding”.  And the prevailing perception is that social media management and marketing is easy.  That people will find your Facebook page, your Twitter account, or your Google Plus page and they will just automatically connect with it.  That they will “like” you without any action on your part.


My favorite analogy is the opening of a new store.  When you open a retail location, people will not just automatically know you are there.  You need to tell them.  You need your friends to help spread the word.  You need to give people a reason to visit your store, whether it be a “grand opening special” or a product that they can’t live without, they need a reason to visit.

I was working with someone who wants to make social marketing their livelihood.  They have a Facebook page, and were complaining about how their audience wasn’t growing.  They haven’t run any ads.  They don’t even share that much on their page.  But, most importantly, they never asked any of their friends to help by “liking” their page.

They forgot the most basic idea behind social marketing — that it is no different than “word of mouth marketing”.  The platform doesn’t matter.  If your friends won’t or can’t sing your praises, why should anyone else.  And what reason will anyone else have to like your page if all you do is change your cover image?  If the only thing you’ve shared is…nothing.  And you’ve done it with no regularity.

In order to grow our audience, we need to give them a reason to join in our conversations.  We need to provide them with a reason to visit, and a reason to share our thoughts, ideas, and services.

The perception is that social marketing is easy.  It isn’t.  It takes time to cultivate relationships.  It takes effort to curate good content.  It takes momentum to build your audience.  And, it takes thought to become a thought leader.

Want to build your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus audience?  Follow these simple steps:

1.  Share good content.

2.  Be human

3.  Share often

4.  Help others

5.  Follow the Golden Rule

6.  Ask for help.

Basically, if you want to build  your following.  Be a good person, and the rest will fall into place.


Craig E. Yaris is the owner of EsquireTech Solutions, which helps small business get found on the social web, whether through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, he can both teach you the effective use of any social network or act as your social media manager, enabling you to reach your clients where they are and when they want to hear from you.  He can teach your organization the social media best practices that can help you use the tools of today to cost-effectively increase your bottom line.  EsquireTech Solutions brings the social web to your business.  Visit EsquireTech Solutions or call 516-495-9107.


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    Social Media is similar to any human relationship. It takes time to build meaningful and productive relationships in this world. I hope the blog post below helps to guide you in your path through the digital and physical world.

  2. Thank you for this amazing post. It put a lot of things in perspective for us on the digital team

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