How Agencies Can Prepare Clients For Success

A marketing agency is typically hired on to help companies achieve their marketing goals and objectives.  What happens when a company has not set any goals and objectives?  How does an agency handle this type of situation?  We have all heard from clients the famous line “We really don’t have a marketing budget”.  How can an agency prepare their clients for success? The first step is discussing the allocation of funds for marketing and setting achievable marketing goals.  Without this step, the client will be setting themselves up for future failure.   The key is to be prepared with the budget, goals, and proper direction.  Clients must have a vision of their brand and where they see the company going in three to five years.

Here are some tips to help agencies make sure their clients are prepared for success:

First things first…make sure they know their brand and value proposition!!!

  • Developing New Logos and Rebranding a company can be a very challenging task without the right information up front. What vision does the client have in their mind as far as the look and feel of their logo? Logo colors and style need to be communicated to the agency so they can deliver what the client wants on the first try.  Communication is the key here.
  • New Collateral– When developing a new brochure or sell sheet for a client, it’s important that the client has all the materials that you will need up front in order to design the piece. Make sure you have the high res version of their logo, high res stock or professional photos, and insight into their writing style.  I can’t tell you how many times we started on a project with little direction from the client and we had to change things over and over due to the client not being prepared up front.  Be specific and ask the right questions. Don’t be shy!
  • New Website – Developing a new website for a client is another challenge and can be a daunting task if you don’t understand the client’s vision.  What is it about the existing website that they don’t like?  Do they want to add features like blogs, chatting, streaming video, etc. to the website?  Ask these questions up front and also find out the budget for the new website.  You would be surprised how many agencies work in the dark with little communication with the client.

Be specific… Do make sure you put in writing the due dates and all the items you need in advance in order to start on the project.  Marketing is not an easy task and can be subject to many people’s opinions.  Always determine up front who will be approving your work and send all marketing materials to one main contact.  You don’t want too many people involved with making changes to marketing materials as it can turn into a circus. The goal is to keep communication strong and build stronger agency client relationships. Keep your clients prepared and you will see a more successful relationship form between agency and client!


Monique Merhige is the President of Infusion Direct Marketing & Advertising, Inc.  She has over 15 years of marketing communications experience with technology companies ranging from small service firms and equipment manufacturers to a 1.5 Billion dollar division of Motorola.  Infusion is a marketing consulting firm that specializes in the security industry and delivers marketing solutions that include Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Branding, Collateral Development, and Social Media Marketing.  Visit: or call 631-846-1558




  1. Thanks for a great article, Monique. I agree with the “Be specific” part! Too many times consultants aren’t specific with what will be done, and what the client can expect. That specificity protects everyone from miscommunication.


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