The Need To Blog

As you know, I write a weekly blog here at Digital Brand Marketing Education, covering all aspects of social media.  I really enjoy it, but sometimes, it is incredibly hard work.  So hard, in fact, that my blog (which is due by Thursday) is written on a Friday morning, to the consternation of our Executive Director and Senior Editor (I’m sorry).

Today is one of those days.  It’s really bad for me.  Terrible writers block.  Nothing coming out.  Even this is difficult.

So, it got me thinking that in all the classes I teach I talk about how important blogging is, and how if you really want to make use of SEO all you need to do is “Write.  Good.  SH*T.” (thanks, Guy Kawasaki for this quote).

But, where does the average small business owner find that good information to write about?

The first thing any small business should do is to write about what they know and are passionate about.  This will most likely include the business they are involved in or any topics relating to that business.

They should subscribe to blogs within their industry, comment on them, and react within their own blog.  Everyone has an opinion on something, and you shouldn’t be afraid to share it.  It is ok to disagree, even if it is with someone that you feel has more knowledge or experience.

When you have exhausted the general topics, it is time to search for things that will be of interest to your audience.  There are several sites available for content curation, but my favorite is Alltop.  They search the internet for articles covering almost every imaginable topic.

Blogging Frequency

How often should you blog?  The saying goes, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.  I know people who blog daily.  The more you blog, the more potential you have for Google to see your posts.  The more you blog, the more content you have to share within your social networks.

So, how often?  Minimally, you should be blogging once per week.  But it is what works for you.  I know that Scott Stratten from UnMarketing blogs infrequently.  His view is that he blogs when he has something important to say.  His last blog was April 15, 2012.  And before that?  February 11, 2012.  But they are worthwhile blogs.  Interesting and entertaining.

So, blog when you have something to say.  Blog once a week.  Blog when it works for you.

But, no matter what.  Please blog.  Even if it is hard.


Craig E. Yaris is the owner of EsquireTech Solutions, which helps small business get found on the social web, whether through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, he can both teach you the effective use of any social network or act as your social media manager, enabling you to reach your clients where they are and when they want to hear from you.  He can teach your organization the social media best practices that can help you use the tools of today to cost-effectively increase your bottom line.  EsquireTech Solutions brings the social web to your business.  Visit EsquireTech Solutions or call 516-495-9107.

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  1. Hi Craig,
    For feeling like you had nothing to say, you wrote a mighty interesting blog post. I love to blog and I usually have so many thoughts on what to write about that I have to write down my ideas. And then sometimes, what comes out is not at all what I started out to do.

    The one frustration I have is that I wish I could write as often as I get ideas. I’ve been around for a while, I have over a half a dozen careers, many interests and fascinations. So coming up with ideas is easy. But finding the energy even more than the time is my challenge.

    I find that writing requires focus and passion. If I do not feel passionate about my topic, forget it. So I must have that fuel, high energy fuel. Focus is equally important. I must allow the words to flow as they come to mind and at the same time, stay on topic. Write something of value, something remarkable. Write something that will get others thinking and provide either new information or a new way of looking at something one’s readers had not consider.

    I wish it was easier for me. I would love to write more. But once a week for this blog, once a month for another and then re-posting to my blog to give my site some content, meat on its bones is about it for me. So in my opinion, you are doing just fine.

  2. It’s onerous to find educated folks on this topic, however you sound like you know what you’re speaking about! Thanks


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