2012 Direct Marketing Trends – Marketing is Here to Stay

MARKETING IS BACK AND HERE TO STAY!  Yes….Marketers can start to rest easy knowing that businesses are starting to see the value of marketing again.  By reducing marketing budgets over the past two years, companies are seeing a reduction in overall sales and are not happy!  They are starting to be proactive and seek out professional marketers to help them meet their sales objectives. Without marketing…visibility is limited and new opportunities dry up quickly.   Perhaps….CEO’s had to see for themselves the outcome of not marketing their product/service.   As they say “It All Happens For A Reason”.  Perhaps….Management has finally accepted the fact that you can’t live without marketing forever.

Where are we headed in 2012?

Marketing reports are showing that companies have added on new marketing programs in 2012 to include new collateral development, direct mail, and increased trade show presence.  For example, many companies are investing in new trade show booth designs and new glossy 4-color brochures to re-brand their company image.  Companies that have not invested in any marketing activities for the last 5-10 years are coming forward and asking marketers to help steer them in the right direction.  We are seeing more marketing positions open up and marketing consultants are starting to see an increase in their client base.

As stated by The Ballantine Corporation, an area of direct marketing that is projected to see a huge focus in 2012 is targeting and personalization.  It all comes down to relevancy and prospects are more likely to respond if the topic is relevant to them.  They also mentioned another key factor in target marketing in 2012 will be trigger marketing.   Trigger marketing is when specific messages are sent to a prospect/customer based on the trigger of a certain criteria. An example would be a birthday where you receive a direct mail piece offering a discount off of dinner.

Another interesting fact is that people have moved past their negative feelings about direct mail and are starting to respond again.  With the overload of emails in our inboxes, prospects prefer other methods of direct marketing.   The goal is to be smart with your marketing and make sure you are sending relevant messages/offers to your target audience.

Tailored URL’s (PURLs) are also a big item in 2012.  This includes a dedicated url that provides prospects with a web landing page that is customized to their needs.   It can include their name, special offers, information on previous purchases, or a special message just for them.  It’s the wave of the future.

With the buy in from management and CEO’s, marketers can work their magic and create unique marketing campaigns for their clients.   It’s a team effort all around and with the support of the key players, there is no end to a marketer’s success.  The goal should be to keep trying new tactics and find out what works best.  As long as you test and show results for your campaigns….there is nothing to worry about in 2012!


Monique Merhige is the President of Infusion Direct Marketing & Advertising, Inc.  She has over 15 years of marketing communications experience with technology companies ranging from small service firms and equipment manufacturers to a 1.5 Billion dollar division of Motorola.  Infusion is a marketing consulting firm that specializes in the security industry and delivers marketing solutions that include Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Branding, Collateral Development, and Social Media Marketing.  Visit: or call 631-846-1558




  1. bourne2b says:

    I find it interesting that you mentioned direct mail. In the past I have always tried to stray my clients and my own business from using this method. However, you are right in that emails are completely ignored, I often tell clients to avoid this as well. Its almost easier to check delete and trash than it is to throw a colorful postcard in the trash.

    So what do you think about direct mail? Have you experienced an increase in the return rate? I am constantly butting heads with my owner about this, telling him its usually a waste, but maybe I should re-think it.

    • Thanks for your reply. I’m glad you found the article interesting. My feeling is that direct mail is coming back full force. Yes..I have seen a slight increase in my response rates. The key is to test the direct mail campaign first before sending out to your entire list. Make sure your offer is compelling and your list is good! Good Luck!

  2. Great post, Monique. IMHO, companies who cut marketing are cutting their own throats. Smart companies are reinvesting in marketing now.

    Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor
    Find New Customers

  3. I agree, good article. And I love Jeff’s subtle way of pointing out things. He is absolutely right but somehow marketing seems to be the first thing to do in touch times and the last to return as the economy takes an upturn. Good thing dbmei is here to help people learn the right ways to do social media marketing.

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