Is Marketing over Facebook a Battle for Likes/Followers?

Marketing over Facebook has convulsed. It is now a battle for likes/followers. Firms are waging cold wars, wherein the highest number of followers is considered the winner without an assertion. This picturesque is very well known to us and yet marketers follow the path blindfolded.

Let us analyze the common mistakes committed by most of the marketers.

Fan Page is not a Petri Dish

‘Create a fan page; buy thousands of likes and update the status with fluffy contents’ seems to be the motto of new firms. No wonder, results fail to show. Fan page is not a Petri dish where you grow your fans like organisms. In relation, fan page is just another portal where your customers arrive to see what you have to offer.  Unless you give them something worth their time and money they will walk off with contempt.

First Impression is the Best Impression

Impress your customers with your fan page. Facebook has been very generous with providing various tools for designing your fan page. Though FBML is being deprecated HTML, CSS and JavaScript are there as your savior. Make sure to create a stunning landing page for your customers. Now, with the recent intrusion of Timeline it has been easier than ever. Just upload a cover photo of your firm or the latest product which is about to be launched and you are done.

Note how Apple has taken advantage of Timeline over their page.

After you are done with the impression work, the product you should offer should be worth their time. This brings to our next question.

Why should Customers stay on your Fan Page?

People log into their Facebook account for relaxation and entertainment. Unless you are the big player in the market you will have a hard time in convincing your customers. However, the good news is you do not have to convince them at all. Satiate their thirst for entertainment by throwing up a contest. Again, another mistake committed by marketers is to announce the contest through the status update. Creating a separate page for contests creates a better impression and appears to be professional, not to mention the increase in engagement. Below is a screenshot of how Blackberry engages their customers to a challenge.

Provide Discounts on Products & Freebies

There is nothing that sounds as good as freebies and discounts. Give away discount offer on your products and if possible provide some freebies. Customers will be attracted in hundreds and thousands to your fan page and you will reap success within no time. Personally discount on London pass coupons world soccer shop showed greater sales when sold through our page.

Should you buy Fans?

Before winding up we need to discuss the much debated topic of whether purchasing fans is ethical or not. Of course it is not ethical but apart from that purchasing fan has very less benefits. In fact there is hardly any benefit by purchasing fans. Some of the reason not to purchase fans is mentioned below:

1. Most of the fans sold are sham. Fake profiles are created on a larger scale and these are used to provide ‘likes’. Once the job is done through these fake profiles they longer serve any purpose.

2. The cost of a like goes anywhere from $1 to $1.33. Yearly budget for a small business might range from $500 to $6000. If this budget is used for marketing, you will not only achieve organic likes but an increased conversion rate.

3. After purchasing thousands of fans, fan page remains desolated. No engagement is found and rarely a share and few likes can be seen. This scenario is just the result of misleading people to like your page by false promises. ‘Joshua likes XXXX (name of the brand). Like us’, this sort of gaining likes is a lame one. Likes will be accrued but what are you looking for, likes or engagement? Instead write a short description with excellent copy. Likes gain through this tactic will provide better engagement as every like is really interested in what your brand does; not in what their friends have done.


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  1. I’ve heard that “likes” are dead. We’ll see in the new era of Facebook marketing. I think that the rules have changed and that we need to work harder to engage our clients and customers. You do some great design.

  2. The only ones that benefit from selling “likes” are the sellers, for they get paid for the effort. The buyer gets nothing in return for the money.

    The only situation where buying the “likes” would be beneficial to the page owner is when the page is first opened. Facebook has the requirement that you have, I believe the number still is, 25 “likes” before you can claim a name for your facebook url. So it could be worthwhile buying those first 25 so you would have your name to use in your promotion.

  3. Thanks for raising this subject.

    Facebook brand pages are a lot of work, and work best with engaging content. I’m amused by the number of missions, with requests to ‘like my page, and go down the page with a handful of likes.’ The level of engagement shows if you compare the ratio of approx 500 likes, but only 5 people are talking about it.

    I’m not persuaded that kind of Facebook strategy can be used in pitch to sponsors.

    While we’re on the subject, neither do I see the value in driving a ton of people across to a Facebook profile to like a handful of posts, or answer banal questions that add no value.

    All I can say is … thanks for the eaves.

    Great topic, thanks for raising it.

  4. Reblogged this on Ransae's Blog.

  5. TaxCoach says:

    Love could not be bought.

  6. I belive a like should be really that. you click like only if you do and not becouse you were bribed.

  7. yes, i agree

  8. Authenticity is the key even in the digital, ethereal world of the Net.

  9. john anslow says:

    It’s the same old ignorant land grab with no real view to useability, activity as a substitute for progress.

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