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I fell in love with Pinterest the moment I discovered it. Blame it all on facebook. When I heard about the imminent changes that would include cover pages, I went wild. I am a visual artist first and a writer second. Finally, I had found a place to express myself, in pictures, on the Internet highway.

The Pinterest logo in its unique red script type

The Pinterest logo © Pinterest

I thought things would quiet down for a while. I had narrowed my must learn ASAP list to two or three new programs or apps. They included the new facebook format. To help me with that would be the program designed by my latest Internet hero, Nathan Latka. The other challenge on my list was how to fine tune and Then Pinterest was going to be the cherry on top of the sundae, the reward for all my hard work.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I could take a momentary rest from my two plus years of social media walkabout. But NOOO, it was not to be. Off again, I went to explore and excel. I am compulsive even delusional about being ‘the best’, at any app any more.

I do have to admit that, at first, this visual platform was heaven for me. I was drawn to it naturally. But what really lit a fire under me were the stats. Somehow Pinterest is getting more attention and return responses than all the other social media platforms. One by one, this dark horse is out running the more familiar and favorite social media.

So I could not resist on either account, my love of pictures and my drive to dally in the latest technology. I started like any neophyte, immediately gathering and pinning all my new facebook covers. Then I proceeded to my blog post images and on to other business material.

My scores as of 3.16.12

My scores as of 3.16.12 ©

I even joined the LinkedIn Pinterest Networking Group. Almost immediately, a helpful member suggested I take a different approach. I also got  my analytics scores from The results were not glowing either but did indicate room for improvement. I had completely forgotten that, just like any form of social media, we approach it one, two, three. Didn’t I just write that in my last blog post, SOCIAL Media: One, Two, Three?

What made me think that virtual bulletin boards would have different rules from any other social media platform? Well, I was put in my place, front and center. Just because Pinterest is visual, it does not mean one can break the rules and commit the Cardinal sin of barging onto the scene pinning business in viewers’ faces. It is still Introduce, Engage and Relate.

So after the initial thrill of pinning every piece of visual business I could find, I had to go about rethinking my approach. I reminded myself of my own One, Two, Three SOCIAL Media guideline. I have to INTRODUCE myself FIRST by pinning things I like. Actually, that isn’t hard at all.

There are so many things I love. Due to the serendipitous nature of online finds, I have already discovered floods of photos and images worth sharing. Keeping my virtual glue close by, I can continue to INTRODUCE myself and begin to ENGAGE with others who love what I do and vice versa.

When I have established RELATIONSHIPS, business material can be gently presented. In fact, when I went back and looked at my facebook covers on Pinterest, they looked terrible. Besides that, the conversations I had grabbed for my blog posts looked terrible too. I had not picked feature photos and had not even picked images that make good feature photos.

images on one of my Pinterest boards titled 'Magnificent and Magestic'

The images on one of my Pinterest boards titled 'Magnificent and Magestic' credited individually.

Pinterest demands that I look differently at the visual business material that I put on facebook and on my blog posts. But I admit I have not taken my original boards down yet. I did so much work on them. I have moved them to the bottom of my collection so that business takes a back seat.

Instead of a respite, I have another social media marathon to run. Oh well, such is the nature of the beast. There is no rest for this geek-girl. Technology waits for no one and no thing.  Not even for those pretty pictures on the now popular, Pinterest.

As this piece was about to go to press,  Pinterest just changed their profile page. I thought I was lost or did something wrong. But again, NOOO. They are just following in facebook’s footsteps.

Since my blog post is primarily about my experience with Pinterest, I want my readers to have a bounty of resources available to them for learning Pinterest’s ‘nuts and bolts’ as well as hearing other bloggers viewpoints.

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  1. I must admit, for all my love of social, I’m just not “seeing” pinterest. I know it is 83% female, which means I may be part of a silent majority, but nonetheless, I’m still not seeing it.

    Thank you for a great outline of how to begin to use ANY social network — Introduce, Engage, Relate.


  2. Dear Craig,
    I know that who ever reads these comments is going to think I bribed you to ask this first, perfect question. Each form of social media has its own language, its own style. One major difference between Pinterest and most other social media platforms is that it starts with a visual language. But it is not different for just that reason. Facebook is different from twitter, twitter from LinkedIn, LinkedIn from YouTube, etc.
    I resonate with Pinterest for two essential reasons. The first IS because it is visual and I am by birth and training a visual artist. So we are comparing decades of using that as my means of communication versus using primarily verbal and code social media language for a few years. So there is an automatic comfort level to start with, BUT . . .
    And the BUT is the really important part. Don’t be fooled or turned off by a bunch of pretty pictures because one needs to know and be just as savvy with social media using Pinterest as with any other platform. Scratch the surface and the guidelines/rules are ALL the same. It’s just different strokes for different folks.
    Social media as a whole is like a master craftsman’s woodworking. The joinery is dovetailed. No nails or glue needed. Everything fits like a glove to achieve the intended purpose it is meant to serve. And you said it perfectly:
    • Introduce
    • Engage
    • Relate
    By the way, I am more than willing to exhange Pinterest tutoring for and!

  3. This is one of those things that keeps you on your toes… in 2011 everyone was saying its all about video and still pictures are dead….LOL guess not…

    • And I would not be in the least bit surprised that this too shall pass. The only constant in social media is that the platforms come and go. Flexibility, the ability to go with the flow are essential or one will go nuts. I have found that each social media venue becomes part of my foundation for the next one. Here’s one of the things I love about Pinterest besides that fact that it is visual and I am primarily a visual artist. Everything else I have learned and know how to use becomes a tool in making Pinterest work for me. I say it is just a matter of scratching the surface of the pretty pictures on Pinterest to see that it is all the same wiring under the hood. So I will enjoy Pinterest as long as it lasts!

  4. By far, one of the best blog posts about Pinterest, that we have come across till now in last few months. You have good following and all you need is bit of optimization of your boards. Make sure you have assigned categories to all your boards, from next time onwards, give a thought to content you submit along with every Pin (Hint: Simple SEO kind of steps or points to be kept in mind). And thanks for mentioning us in your post.


  5. I linked to this at Media Tapper, because it’s such a great post. Thanks for writing it up, Alison.

    For Media Tapper, I’m actually putting your strategie into action. Instead of ‘just’ promoting our own pieces, I’m now focused on getting great articles and images out, no matter where they originate from. By doing so, I hope that MT’s Pinterest page is visited by people who are interested in this subject; you could say we hope to become a ‘curator’: someone who selects and connect, and who does more than self-promote.

  6. Dear Ammrita @Pin_puff,
    I really appreciate your commenting and complimenting me on my blog post. I do love Pinterest so it seems that came through on my post. As I mentioned, I am a visual artist by birth and writing is more like painting with words to me. So Pinterest came naturally to me. At least the part about finding images and creating boards.
    Then I realized that the very same guidelines that apply to all the other social media platforms apply to Pinterest if one wishes to be recognized for ‘remarkable’ content rather than just creating a scrapbook online. This is where it becomes more of a challenge for me. I am not much of an SEO person, a programmer, etc. So any examples or more information about the pointers you gave me would be most appreciated.
    I have been very careful about:
    • naming my board with catchy names
    • putting in clever descriptions
    • adding URLs as much as possible
    • putting them all in categories
    • but I am not sure about SEO feature. I imagine you mean key words and key word phrases? How do I determine the best ones to use? This is where I fall short as an online communicator.
    • I noticed that in spite of the many hours of work I have been doing with all of the above that my score has gone down rather than up even though I get the comment, ‘Perfect’.
    • Which is more important the number of boards or the number of pins on each board?
    • I am also not sure with the scoring what is considered a good score. Can you elaborate about that as well?
    It sounds to me like there is plenty of info for a blog just about these questions (unless Pinpuff already wrote these answers and I can access it). If so, would you point me to it. I would love to write about this as needed because I am sure others are wondering about these issues as well.
    Thank you again for your contact, comments and very generous compliment. It is a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to continuing our conversation about the program Pinpuff, friend of Pinterest and about Pinterest itself.

    Sincerely yours,
    Alison Gilbert, Digital Age Storyteller and Social Media Anthropologist

  7. Just found this post listed on It is in the column one from the left and about 1/3 down the page. The board’s maker, Tom Treanor also created the definitive resource guide to Pinterest,

  8. Thank you for your comment.


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