Optimizing Your Landing Page for Better Conversions

Your Landing page is the heart of your site. Irrespective of whether you have a product or a service to sell, landing pages can provide a subsequent boost to the conversion rate. Optimizing them is not hard if you know when and where to tweak the various elements. However, the hardest part is to find the elements that require some tweaks. This brings us to the fact that there is no rule sculpted over the stones which provides guidance towards the perfect optimization of landing pages.

Some ideas can optimize your landing page for better performance. They are:

Loading speed:

A landing page that loads faster has better conversion rate when put into comparison with a page that loads slower. Therefore you very first aim should be to increase the loading speed of your landing page. Factors that can be an obstacle to increase the loading speed are:

1. Images: Too many images over your landing page can be responsible for slow loading. Though images are eye capturers and are very much essential, it is necessary that you limit their usage. Cut down on any images that is irrelevant to the content. As far as possible try to eliminate the images of huge sizes as these consume more loading time. A single image at any specific fold of the page is the best practice.

2. Videos: Videos are widely used to replace written content. However, you should be aware of the fact that videos can never replace written content. Some people have completely stripped their landing page of written content and have replaced them by a long sales video. Users those who have a high internet speed connection will be sated whereas the users with slow internet speed will have no other option but to leave the page.

A smart marketer will tell you to balance your page in terms of written content and videos. A video clip should be used only when you are unable to explain a certain idea in written content. For example, let us say you are promoting your dancing lessons. The landing page can be a mix of written content which will be used to promote your product and the videos can be used to show clips of some complex dancing steps which might be impossible to put into written words.

Note: In many cases the loading speed of your page is attributed to your hosting company. Webhostingpad and are some of the hosting companies that provide excellent hosting with fast loading speed.

Length of the page

What should be the length of the page? Should I provide the readers with just the basic information or detailed information about the product? These two questions spring simultaneously while designing a landing page. Again, there is no rule stating the length and the amount of the information that has to be provided as the answer to the above two questions depends upon the answer of the following question, how much information do your customers require to trust your product?

The amount of information provided should be enough for your customers to trust your product. The content in question can be of just a short paragraph or can be a never ending landing page. However, your copywriter should be talented enough to create a stunning copy so that your reader is adhered to the page until they make a purchase. Moreover, a balance between video and content will make your landing page look great.

Tone of the copy

Personalization is the magic word when it comes to marketing. The sad part is the overuse of the magic word. Imagine yourself to be looking out for a product and you suddenly arrive at a landing page where it is full of colloquial language sprinkled with emoticons. Would you like to risk your $40 in purchasing the product though the price seems to be reasonable? Hardly any of us will make a purchase from such a place.

When marketers mean personalization, they are telling you to write a copy that can be taken as personal without losing the soul of business. An image of yours is critical when it comes to personalization. The next part is to write a copy which appears to be a personalized one while still holding the nature of business. Once you get a good copywriter this shouldn’t be much of a concern to you.


In some cases changing just a sentence can affect the conversion rate. Therefore, consistent experiment with your landing page is necessary. Split experiment can provide better results when using trial and error methods.

These few tips will, though trivial, when applied can affect the conversion rate in huge numbers.


Richie Richardson is a prolific writer on Internet Marketing and Social Media. He also writes for webhostingpad discount codes and discount codes. You can make use of the deals provided by webhostingpad and for your hosting needs.




  1. Good info, thanks!

  2. Thank you for this information. I’m curious how you feel the Timeline change will affect our posting strategy, especially since we no longer have a landing page?


    • Hi Craig,
      Timeline Is something which I hate but I am trying to live with it. At present my page hasn’t been forced into Timeline and therefore am a little ignorant about. However, upon taking a look at Apple’s Timeline I am starting to get excited 🙂
      Sorry for the delay in replying.

  3. Good question about Landing Pages. Thanks Craig.


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