Did you try? A Look at the data from #SMWsmac [InfoGraphic]

What can you do in 16 days? Try!

With just under a month before Social Media Week 2012, it came to our attention that NYC did not have a daylong event that was tailored to teach the small business owners and professionals how Social Media is and can be used. On Feb 1st, 2012 dbmei authors decided to launch Social Media Action Camp! The event which a few days later became an official part of Social Media Week was set for Feb 16th 2012 at the Roger Smith Hotel in NYC.

Data provided by Synthesio , and a few other sources .

The event tag #smwsmac generated over 1,000 tweets! Which represents about 5% of the social media activity in New York City. The Social Influencers reached over 116,000 followers and generated tweets in 15 countries globally!

In addition to the info from Synthesio, we also know that:

  • 102 people  attended throughout the day
  • 128 viewers at one time on LiveStream
  • 976 views on the Live Stream Channel
  • 1484 tweets to date #smwsmac
  • 71 check-ins on foursquare to the Roger Smith Hotel

The Official Social Media Week event page hosted on generated 177 Facebook “Likes”, 250 “shares” on LinkedIn and 834 tweets that did not feature #smwsmac as a tag. Making the event the most socially shared event for ALL Social Media Week 2012 globally!

The Social@Olgivy Movers & Shakers platform supported by Kred featured organizer @BasilPuglisi as the top influencer for Feb 16th and both @BasilPuglisi and @dbmei as the top 5 influencers for the following day Feb 17th 2012.

The event was a mix of speakers featuring some of the digital names like Google, Klout, Synthesio, StumbleUpon, EmpireAvenue & Constant Contact. The event featured digital media professionals like David Meerman Scott, Amy Vernon, Mardy Sitzer, and Lujure’s Nathan Latka. Lisa A Burns, representing Corning Inc.,  spoke about the wonder of how a Fortune 500 Company used YouTube to capture more than 17 million views. Then the dbmei authors Bill Corbett Jr., Jeff Ogden, Craig Yaris and Basil C. Puglisi contributed their take on using social media to generate action!

The real success resulted from the response that the attendees reported.   The mix of content and style presented,  generated useful information in many areas with actionable advice and solutions.

“The diverse group of presenters offered extremely valuable best practices and actionable advice. It was also nice attending a social media event that didn’t cater to newbie’s or skeptics”  said David Gise

The event exemplified the point that “you don’t know till you try”, and while we have a long list of things we can do to make the next event even better, it’s an important point for dbmei as well as the individuals involved to say not only did we try, but we succeeded. If you take nothing else away from the article, we hope that when a opportunity presents itself, you be so bold as to try and make it happen.




  1. Awesome to see these analytics! Now I know I will have to try harder next time to make ‘the list’!

  2. Reblogged this on Social Media Impacts You 2 and commented:
    This is a interesting blog, check it out.

  3. Thanks. I don’t even try – just find out I’m on your list. Next time, I’ll switch to my alternative twitter handle, and I believe I’ll move up to the top 🙂

  4. I only learned about SMW when it was almost over, wish I had known more about it!

  5. Amazing! I honestly never would have thought I had any impact whatsoever, but this just goes to show that even us small fish in the pond can contribute something that is capable of making a difference. Thanks for sharing this. it really changes the way I’m looking at a few things.

  6. I attended and the event was well worth my time. Nice group of speakers and great venue.

  7. Anne Thomas says:

    I am almost surprised I was not on the list (seemed like I tweeted a bunch), I am not at all surprised to see you at the top Basil 🙂

  8. Wish I’d heard about it – before now, when its over 🙂 Maybe next time, we make some blog noise? SKYPE me for that, Basil! > osakasaul

  9. Usful event. It is true: you don’t know till you try.

  10. The success of this event was the result of a vision which was then turned into a plan of action. That vision, following the plan, was then successfully transmitted to others. The event was successfully carried off.

  11. I’m sorry that I could only watch the morning sessions. Is the conference recording posted online?

  12. Great eye opener.Looking forward to the upcoming videos….personaly I am not so concerned with making a list as I am with the needed encouragement and mentoring that I am able to gain from these events….Thanks !


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