The Most Important Social Media Ingredient, Remarkable Content

I belong to a facebook discussion group and on occasion, we pose questions to stir up conversations. One member recently asked an excellent question. “To really do well in the new economy we must stand out, what are you doing to help your business stand out”?

I have included a copy of the question and some answers, including mine.

A conversation on the facebook discussion group 'Local Biz Is The Solution'

A conversation on the facebook discussion group 'Local Biz Is The Solution' courtesy of the group.

We have all heard about providing value to attract clients. It can actually take years for a new relationship to form and turn into a business client. And it may not happen at all. But it is always good to have trusted, valued colleagues in one’s circle.

I cannot say how many times I have heard it said, ‘remarkable content is the most important ingredient in making social media work for you’. But constantly coming up with it seemed more than possible.

By definition, the term ‘remarkable’ means, “striking, worthy of attention”.  How much ‘striking’ content can one write especially if one blogs daily? How much content that is ‘worthy of attention’ can be written? This is the pertinent question.

When something is worthy of attention, it can be safely said that it will also be worthy of a response. In other words, remarkable content does not have to be ‘striking’ or ‘sensation’. In the context of social media, it should inspire a response or a remark from the reader to start a conversation. And that will most likely happen if you are passionate about your topic, know your niche, engage your readers, your audience and the community you wish to serve.

Social media is about building community. With Internet technology, we are able to start inspiring, educational even controversial conversations, make connections, form relationships, create circles, establish tribes and serve their needs. In addition, the playing field is leveled. We are all equals as we post on facebook, tweet on twitter and discuss on LinkedIn groups.

This is not to deny that there are gurus, evangelists and leaders among us. But everyone can have his or her say. It can be in the form of pontification, striking verbiage or it can simply be ‘remarkable’, of interest to readers, worthy of responding and starting a conversation. Then, who knows where it can go from there?

I love to meet new people who share and have strong feelings about my interests. I enjoy getting to know such people.  Social media gives me the opportunity to both meet and engage in meaningful conversations with them. This is why it is so important to write ‘remarkable content’, so I can be social using the Internet media.


Alison Gilbert is a Digital Age Storyteller and photojournalist. She is a regular contributing author to DBME, writes The Marketing Byte Blog and is The New York Graphic Design Examiner. Alison is the owner of MARKETING BYTES Solutions 4 Local Biz. She has been a marketing pro and entrepreneur for over three decades. Her company specializes in local/small and start up businesses with a boutique (very personal style) approach to client service.

The MARKETING BYTES ProTeam consists of experienced marketing, design, technology and writing professionals offering the latest online Inbound Marketing technology, social media, graphic and web design, illustration, photo and video, content management as well as the best of traditional advertising. Her client base has covered just about every commercial industry.

Although located on Long Island, NY, MARKETING BYTES serves clients everywhere there is Internet access. To learn more, visit our site, Marketing Bytes, our local biz facebook page, Marketing Main Street USA, and join our local biz facebook group, Local Biz Is The Solution.

To contact us: e-mail or call 516-665-9034 (EST, NY, USA).




  1. Alison, I agree completely, that “remarkable” content is anything that stirs conversation, anything that makes us think, or anything that makes us re-evaluate our position. It is great to be able to see so much “remarkable” content on the internet, so much content that sparks interest and thought.

    Thank you for doing just that, providing remarkable content!


  2. Agree with Craig! Sometimes I dislike having to wait for an article to post to say how much I enjoyed it! Maybe one day WordPress will give us the ability to post scheduled comments!

  3. Thank you Craig and Joy,
    I used to be so daunted by the idea of ‘remarkable contact’. In fact, that is all I ever heard about social media and participating in it. I was honestly very intimidated until I realized what I wrote about in this blog post.
    There is actually a simple formula for creating remarkable content:
    • write what you are passionate about
    • know your audience and what interests them
    • write things that will spark their imaginations and start conversations
    • nurture those conversations and make connections with those who made them
    • work on turning connections into relationships, relationships into community
    Remarkable content get the ball rolling on what SOCIAL media is meant to be about, being social online.
    Thanks again for your comments. I am glad you found my post worthy of your remarks!


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