Empire Avenue CEO Shares the Lowdown on the Future of Missions at #SMWsmac

Empire Avenue has been generating a bit of buzz lately with the inclusion of Missions on their Social Media engagement platform. Duleepa Wijayawardhana, also known as “Dups” to most everyone, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Empire Avenue, and gave an outstanding visual of what users of Empire Avenue can expect from their platform in the near future.

Missions Current Status

Dups shared that Empire Avenue encourages a unique type of engagement that requires users to invest currency in others to earn rewards, as well as to create the potential for higher engagement. Users take their investments and engage with them through a set of tools. One of those tools is known as Missions, in short, allows users to reward people and create engagement using Empire Avenue’s virtual currency.

Missions are a great way to engage and expand on your followers with your content. Ric Williams shared a brief demo of how missions worked and then created one for attendees to give them an idea of how easy it is to create even a rather complicated mission, to reach maximum users, with the least effort.

To create a mission users will input a title, create a mission summary, choose how many eaves, or Empire Avenue currency to give for successfully completed missions, and go.  Rick emphasizes,

“Using missions on EA are all about engagement and getting good feedback on your content, it’s not just about promoting likes.”


The Future of Missions

Dups once again took the mike to explain some of the most interesting things about their new mission system. “It’s really about rewarding actions around the web.” The future of missions is just around the corner, however, Dups also shared that the system is still currently in beta, with only users of heightened levels being able to initiate a mission, while everyone is able to participate. The future of missions will be as simple or as complicated as your own imagination and any limitations of social networks. EA will be creating more unique methods of user engagement that is rewarding and fun. This is one of the reason Empire Avenue refers to it as social media rocket fuel,

Empire Avenue can help users expand, get their engagement, and then evaluate. Things that each and every business taking advantage of social networking for consumer engagement need the most. Dups stressed that engaging users with fun, the chance for connection, and rewards can be incredibly successful.

Don’t forget to watch the entire panel to get some more behind the scenes knowledge about Empire Avenue during the questions and answers section.


Joy Lynskey is the owner of JRL Solutions, a copywriting and content management company based in Bedford, Virginia. JRL Solutions hosts a Freelance Writers Education Blog that is managed by direct and guest posting. Joy is the Content Manager and Editor for Puglisi Consulting Group at Digital Brand Marketing Education. Joy regularly works in SMM via freelance consulting  private clients with their social media campaigns.




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  2. Thanks Joy for the info on Empire Ave and its Missions feature. I have signed up for EA and have looked at it a few times. But I have to admit, I am so overloaded with social media platforms for this, that and just about everything. I am finding that until I ‘get’ a venue and it is integrated into my social media vocabulary, I just let it gather dust.

    I have been signed up for twitter for a year, got up to about 400 followers/following and stopped. Suddenly and very recently, I realized tweeting is the quickest and easiest way for me to connect online. Now I love it and can easily tweet the prescribed 10 times a day.

    As far as Empire Avenue goes, I have to get over my total distaste for the stock market and then ‘get’ where it fits into my social media world. I just found Pinterest. I can only play with one new toy at a time.

    • Yeah, I am not a huge fan of the stock market, but EA does it in a way that you could actually increase your interest. I really suggest you try it when you get the time. The missions will give many people the chance for engagement that they are not getting elsewhere. Feel free to add me @Freelance

      • Thanks, Joy. If you like it, then I will try it. Right now I am playing with Pinterest. Have you been invited? I love it because I am a designer and very visual. I am not a reader believe it or not but somehow I can write. Writing is like making music with words to me.

  3. Joy…it is always good to read your articals. I love all the things you write about…! Al Sautner.

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