Surfing Social Media Action Camp Livestream

The surfing duck and the social media action camp logo

Surfing Social Media Action Camp Livestream © and Social Media Action Camp logo

The first time I tried to surf Livestream was for a conference not realizing that 1 o’clock in Denver was not 1 o’clock in NY. It was 3 0’clock. I was two hours early.

The second time was this morning, Thursday, February 16, 2012 when I eagerly sat at my computer counting the seconds until 8:30 am when Social Media Action Camp would start. The event did start but the Livestream feature did not start until 9 am.

So my ineptitude has less to do with social media surfing skills than it has to do with telling time. I am so relieved. On that note, let’s move on to the glorious time I had surfing Social Media Action Camp Livestream.


I was unable to attend the conference in person even though I am a writer for the multi-author blog, Digital Brand Marketing Education, the sponsor of the event. I have had the flu or rather the flu has had me, holding me hostage on and off for weeks.


If anyone were to ask me what’s the first thing that comes to mind that I love about social media, there would not be a moment’s hesitation. It is TODAY (Thursday, February 16th). I am home sick, at my computer, watching this once a year event, the first time for Social Media Action Camp during Social Media Week, tweeting, texting comments and connecting on foursquare. I almost forgot to mention, I am also answering facebook comments and checking my gmail.

Visual of Social Media Week and Social Media Action Camp 

Social Media Week and Social Media Action Camp © SMW and SMAC


As if that were not enough for an average multi-tasker to do, I have also started writing this post during the event’s lunch break. The event is something of a spontaneous happening. It came together in two weeks, at times touch and go.

In this short amount of time, respected professionals from world-class companies were gathered to present. Livestream service was set up so that many more people, like myself, who could not attend in person could attend online and Livestream.


Basil Puglisi, the founder of Digital Brand Marketing and social media visionary is known to have bouts of inspiration. All visionaries do. Similar to others in the technology world that envision the impossible and persist with a combination of tenacity and sheer guts, he sets his sights high. The words ‘impossible’ or even ‘improbable’ do not enter his mind, his vocabulary nor are they uttered by his trusted circle of colleagues, supporters, family and friends.


It has been my desire to accomplish two things with this post:
• The first is to give a bit of a backstory to this spontaneous event, Social Media Action Camp and how dedication, passion and collaboration can result in the next to impossible becoming real.

• Secondly, I want to acknowledge and applaud Basil as well as everyone else who participated in and supported Social Media Action Camp. I found it thoroughly enjoyable and very educational.


Alison Gilbert is a Digital Age Storyteller and photojournalist. She is a regular contributing author to DBME, writes The Marketing Byte Blog and is The New York Graphic Design Examiner. Alison is the owner of MARKETING BYTES Solutions 4 Local Biz. She has been a marketing pro and entrepreneur for over three decades. Her company specializes in local/small and start up businesses with a boutique (very personal style) approach to client service.

The MARKETING BYTES ProTeam consists of experienced marketing, design, technology and writing professionals offering the latest online Inbound Marketing technology, social media, graphic and web design, illustration, photo and video, content management as well as the best of traditional advertising. Her client base has covered just about every commercial industry.

Although located on Long Island, NY, MARKETING BYTES serves clients everywhere there is Internet access. To learn more, visit our site, Marketing Bytes, our local biz facebook page, Marketing Main Street USA, and join our local biz facebook group, Local Biz Is The Solution.

To contact us: e-mail or call 516-665-9034 (EST, NY, USA).


Included below are links from the daylong program of videos that cover details of some of the presentations. The range of speakers defines diversity of demographics and professional specialties.

Livestream of Social Media Action Camp

Livestream of Social Media Week

SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK, Social Media Action Camp

Social Media Action Camp participants and Supporters

Social Media Action Camp participants and Supporters © Social Media Action Camp 2.16.2012


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