How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Advertising

The field of advertisement has changed immensely over the past decades. Online advertisements have replaced almost completely the printed newsletters, which used to be so effective. If, at first, the companies used to advertise online and build their own websites and buy virtual ads, today, social media is the new way of advertising.

Now, I am not saying that billboards, direct mails are not working at all, but the internet advertising takes it to a whole new level.With more than three billion users, more than half of them belonging to a social website or another, the internet is the perfect market to advertise. More than that, social network websites are being seen more as a successful strategy for advertising than a way to find “the perfect match”. The most important social sites are:
1. Facebook: over 800 million users
2. Qzone: 500 million users (China networking website)
3. Twitter: 200 million users
4. RenRen: 180 million users (China networking website)
5. Myspace: 150 million users
6. Badoo: 120 million users
7. Bebo: 115 million users
8. LinkedIn: 100 million users
Talking about social websites, the first things I should mention is, of course, Facebook. With almost 1 billion users, Facebook is the most popular social website. Companies are obviously taking advantage of that, and, as Lon Safko (social media expert and co-author of “The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success”) said, they try to visualize Facebook as “a huge business watering hole”.
Next stop on the list is Twitter; companies create accounts, get interested people to follow them and advertise through the 140 characters tweets. The strategy is targeting by using hash tags and concentrated tweets.
LinkedIn has revolutionized the social media advertising campaigns. With millions of professionals seeking for jobs, experts, business opportunities, networking opportunities, LinkedIn is slowly, but surely, aiming for a higher spot on the list.
Companies are usually skeptic when taking on the social media advertising. It seems like no one can compete with Coca Cola, Starbucks or any of the well-known brands. But statistic show otherwise. The following list show the main changes companies have observed when getting into social media advertising:
  • 88% – generate exposure for the business
  • 72% – increased traffic / subscribers
  • 62% – improved search rankings
  • 56% – new business partnerships
  • 51% – generated qualified leads
  • 49% – reduced overall market expenses
  • 43% – improved sales
Now here is a fact that may seem odd: small and average sized businesses spend three more times on social media network websites and blogs than the larger ones.
Old-school ads used to redirect you to a new tab, the landing page of the particular website, when clicked. Now, business and brands, redirect their potential customers to their social media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.) The new ads work like a mini website, giving you the opportunity to read real time Facebook posts and tweets without leaving the page you were browsing through.
The number of companies and business that agree with the fact that social media is one of the best way of advertising is sky rocketing. Whether they just started or are experienced here’s the percentage of them:
  • 30% of those who just started are really considering investing more in social media marketing
  • 45% of business with less than 12 months of experience are happy and eager to continue their social media advertising campaign
  • 68% of companies with 1 – 3 years of experience are extremely satisfied and continue advertising on social media networks
  • 87% of those with more than 3 years in the business have seen great results and are waiting for more
The number of new social media websites is increasing as their users, but there are some websites that every company relies on when it comes to advertising. Some of them are more preferred, some of them are less. Check them out:
1. Facebook: used by 92% of the companies.
2. Twitter: used by 84% of the companies
3. LinkedIn: used by 71% of the companies
4. YouTube: used by 56% of the companies
5. FourSquare: used by 17% of the companies
6. Groupon: used by 7% of the companies
7. Myspace: used by 5% of the companies
Video Marketing – 80% percent of companies see this as a new addition to the advertising strategy and plan to use it as often as possible in 2012. YouTube is the main website preferred with more than 70% of votes.
Outsourcing – More and more company owner are outsourcing their social media marketing. This is not still a trending strategy, but it is very effective and large brand are using it. The tasks that are most outsourced are:
1. Design & development: 17%
2. Content Creation: 10%
3. Analytics: 10%
4. Monitoring: 7%
5. Research: 6%
6. Strategy: 6%
7. Community management: 4%
8. Live tweeting of events: 3%
Be sure to take advantage of this new growing strategy and analyze how are you standing in all the areas from above and which can really use some improvement.
Last, but not least, social media is not used entirely exclusive. When combined with traditional marketing strategies its influence becomes even stronger. The greatest results succeeded when social media was combined with:
  • E-mail marketing – 64% of the users are extremely satisfied and continue using it.
  • Event marketing – 60% plan on increasing their use of event marketing, because of its success.
  • Press releases – 43% are really happy with this old-school strategy.
  • Webinars – Used mainly by small business (42%) this is a great way to “put yourself out there”.

They say 2012 it’s the year when all businesses will start using social media as a powerful marketing and advertising strategy. With more and more apps, video and photo sharing, live events coverage, you will have in your hands a lot of smart tools to choose from.


Katlyn M. is a freelance writer and car insurance comparison specialist, and personal trainer. In her spare time, Katlyn enjoys swimming, hiking, and helping her friends save money on car insurance.




  1. Wow! That is a GREAT article! Amazing amount of research and some terrific stats. That says it all! And, thank you for the quote!
    -Lon Safko, author of The Social Media Bible


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