Get a Grip on Your Writing Career with a Digital Portfolio

I am still amazed when I approach freelance writers only to find that they do not have an independent professional digital portfolio available to share with prospective clients. The disservice to their own career advancement is immeasurable. However, I do understand why many lack this vital tool for job search.

No Independent Portfolio? The Risks

While many freelance writers begin their careers on outsourcing job sites, the profiles provided there should not be the first point of reference for prospective employers. Profiles on outsourcing sites can be a great resource for building your main portfolio, but should never be considered your go-to profile. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. Relying on an outsourcing site as a main source of income is a sign of newness
  2. Past feedback or the lack of reviews on your outsourcing site profile may leave prospective clients with an invalid view of your skills.
  3. Clients who view your outsource site profile may then decide to use that site to use your services.

Most clients who have dealt with freelance writers for an extended period of time will recognize your use of an outsourcing site as a sign of your freshness in the field and may not be interested in a writer new to the game over those with a few years of experience behind them. On the same note, having negative or neutral feedback from many months ago when you were new, may not be a fair reflection of your current skills. Lastly, you never want to encourage a client who prefers to deal directly with writers to begin using an outsourcing site that will then crop your payout and subject you to their contracts and regulations.

Make No Excuses

If you are a freelance writer and have no independent portfolio to share with prospective, the time to create it is right now. There are only two options for sites you should use for a digital portfolio.

You will find FolioSpaces to be very basic and barebones. This is exactly what you want if your entire freelance career is focused on writing. Although a frilly digital resume may look great to you, unless your client is specifically shopping for graphics or photog skills, keep it pro by using FolioSpaces. You will likely need to go through some trial and error to get your portfolio just the way you desire. Ask others to check it over too in case you are missing something. Nowhere is a proofreader more important than on your resume or portfolio.



Make Your Digital Portfolio on FolioSpaces

What Your Digital Profile Tells People



  1. Hi Joy,
    I am very familiar with visual portfolios having been a graphic designer for many years. But a digital writing portfolio is new to me. So thanks for the advice and input. I will checkout FolioSpaces. Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

  2. Megan Harris (MeganWrites Media) says:

    Great tips, Joy! A digital portfolio is a must for freelancers working in any industry. Even if one plans to work in print publications, a digital portfolio can help connect clients to one’s work.

    I also agree with your analysis of outsourcing sites. I use oDesk extensively with some clients, but rarely send my permalink along to new clients that I do not find from oDesk. Instead, I refer them to my website where I offer samples and some of the services offered. oDesk is great for the client base I currently work with on there, but I will be working away from it eventually as I continue growing my business.

    Thanks for this post!

  3. Thanks Joy Lynskey for the share. Sometimes a job hunt can take a long time. But you shouldn’t direct for a long, drawn-out job search. It’s difficult to get traction and hold momentum when your tread is too slow.

  4. Thanks all for the comments. I know the benefits of having a great dig portfolio and glad to share here!


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