Twitter Tools: twithawk, a lead generation tool

Another arrow in the quiver of the savvy internet marketer is Twithawk, a lead generation tool.

Founded in 2009, Twitterhawk, as it was called back then, had to do a name change because Twitter felt it is too close to their name. It didn’t deter Chris Duell, the Australian founder and developer, to fine tune his product and make it available to the World Wide Web. He just changed it to Twithawk.

Twithawk is a real time marketing tool which enables a marketer to find new people to connect with and increase his base. At the same time he is advertising his product.

Based on keywords and location, Twithawk will pull all the Twitter conversations mentioning the key-words or the location, and deliver them in real time. It enables the marketer to answer those tweets and interject into the conversation. Or he can have an autoresponder answer those selected tweet immediately.

Here are some examples: A radio station wanted to increase its base. They set up Twithawk, and chose as keywords names of rock bands they were playing.

Every time a tweet talking about one of the bands went into the Ethernet, it was pulled by Twithawk and the autorepsonder sent a message: “If you like this kind of music, why not listen to radio xxxx? They play what you like”.

Or, when talking about location, a coffee shop owner in Springfield Illinois can set the keyword to “coffee” and the location to Springfield. When someone tweets about having coffee in this town, he can immediately send a reply saying “Why not give Buck’s coffee a try? We have special deals for tweeters…”

Twithawk is pro-active. Instead of placing an ad on a site and waiting for clicks, the marketer sends a reply to a person who is already talking about what the marketer has to offer. If you can start a relationship, says the going wisdom, you can turn this person into a customer.

To prevent this tool from becoming a spam machine, something that worried most experts, the program sends only one tweet per day to the same person, and the number of tweets is sold in packages of 1000. Twithawk charges $0.05 for each tweet sent, and the marketer can monitor the marketing true CPC with link tracking and integrate it with Google Analytics. The site’s average CPC is $0.02, which is much cheaper than any other marketing method.




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