Radian6 – Cloud Based Command and Control of Social Media

Radian6 provides marketing, communications and customer support professionals with a platform which enables them to see, in real time, what is said about them and their products in all aspects of social media; in tweets, Facebook, blogs, multimedia, forums, conversations and boards. By doing so, it gives the business the ability to manage, track, respond, report and analyze their reach and sentiments toward their products.

Marketing is no longer what it used to be, says Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of   In his keynote speech at the Cloudforce Winter 2011 conference, in New York, he showed how it has become, in big part, Social Marketing. The ability to listen to customers, to reach out to them at the moment they are ready to buy or make a change, is what differentiates great and not so good marketing.

Introducing the New Radian6.

It used to be data-based marketing, when you have the database on premises and you segment it and turn it into your e mail list. But in today’s segmentation, your database can be the entire internet.

There are thousands of conversations going on social media channels every hour of the day. How do we make sense of all those conversations on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks? How do we reach the people that are already taking about our product and use them to spread the word? How do we put out a flame before it becomes a fire-storm?

Here is what Radian6 has to offer: A complete social marketing app that is cloud based. A social hub that includes monitoring, insights and reaction. Command and control everything that you do in social marketing from one place. Based on some criteria keywords that you put into the system, Radian6 will pull out every conversation that is going on, which includes your keywords. This cloud application will do it in real time.

You’ll know what they are saying, where they are saying it, and what is the sentiment.  You can drill into the conversations as they are happening and take action. You can set up automated rules that define how you want to handle criteria and route it to the appropriate people in the organization for immediate action.

For marketing campaign managers it means no more 30 day old focus groups, where you are reacting to information that happened 30 days ago. And you don’t need hundreds of people to gather that information and analyzing it. All you need is technology that allows you to scale the social media walls.

With drilling even further, you can find out all the available information about that customer that is asking a question about a service you provide. Where is that person present on social media, where he is located geographically and previous contacts you had.

And you can grab that information, route it to the correct decider and communicate an offers right back to that person through social media channels. Offer that might answer a need the market has at the moment. You can do it across all the channels. Even though the customer used Twitter for example, you can answer in any other form and even present the offer on their mobile device. 

Radian6 was acquired by SaleForce in March 2011




  1. Big brother in the sky is watching, listening, recording, analyzing. Does this info go in the same book that Santa keeps to know who has been good or bad all year?


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