Facebook Marketing Solutions – Staying Ahead of the Social Media Game

There are so many Facebook Fan pages dedicated to marketing and social media topics that it can seem nearly impossible to zero in on those that actually offer true education and not just covert advertisements of their own products. When searching for an educational Facebook Fan Page, you may have already found that having one source for everything you need is nearly impossible.

Facebook Marketing Solutions may have found the perfect combination in Facebook Fan Page Marketing Education. It supplies more than one needed element when planning a full-bodied marketing campaign. It is proving a useful tool for helping internet marketers reach their targeted consumers.

Run by employees of Facebook, you can find an abundant wealth of information here that can directly benefit your business.


Through efficiency and innovation, Facebook’s marketing APIs can help marketers achieve success. The companies listed on the Facebook Marketing Solutions page have developed proprietary tools with various functions for reporting, monitoring, campaign management, and ad creation.

They also provide a list of managed services. Managed services generally support both business models but may, in some instances, use different brand names.

Some of the available API tools include:


Some of the managed services listed include:

Managed Services

Success Stories

With a long list of small and large business success stories available on Facebook Marketing Solutions fan page, users in any industry should be able to find a story similar to their own goals for business growth.

Here are a few stories we previous covred on dbmei, Facebook Success Stories

Endless List of Resources

Facebook Marketing Solutions fan page seems to have an endless list of resources.

  • Facebook Marketing Bootcamp U.S.
  • Facebook Marketing Bootcamp U.K.
  • Videos from Business Leaders like CEO, Chris McCann at & Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.
  • Past and Future Events Listings
  • Business Boost for Beginner Small Business Owners

You can find resources and case studies available on their wall at any given time on such things as scaling, product development, and even a good buy or two along the way.




  1. This is exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks a lot for posting!


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