The Importance of Facebook Marketing Engagement Tools

Discussion of social media campaigns would not be complete if the power of Facebook engagement was left out. Brands of all sizes and from many industries create a huge gap in their marketing without some kind of interaction on Facebook. With over 800 million active users worldwide, this leviathan of social media platforms is a source businesses cannot ignore.

Facebook as a Marketing Tool

There are a number of examples of ways businesses have used Facebook to drive traffic to their page and, consequently, to their brand. Some strategies are more effective than others. In fall 2011, Remington, a beauty and hair care company, launched a campaign to gain Facebook fans. The company posted a personality quiz relevant to its followers called, “What Kind of Girl Are You?”

The result? 54% of followers took the quiz, and for every 1 share of the quiz results, 1 unique visitor took Remington’s quiz. This drove traffic to Remington’s page which, undoubtedly, boosted sales. This is just one of many examples of a business using Facebook to reach out and attract current and new customers to their brand.

Maria Peagler (@sm_onlineclass on Twitter) shares over 50 Facebook marketing strategies through her classes that include utilizing contests, regular interactions, and collaboration with others to improve marketing on the site. Twitter user @JeffAbel recently shared a screenshot of the strategies here.

Using regular marketing tools has also been found to be more beneficial than using targeted ads. As the chart below shows, users in general are not fond of ads on Facebook. Over 40% of those surveyed in June 2010 by Inside Facebook did not like ads from sites other than Facebook itself. In a separate question, 62.7% of those surveyed disliked ads from other websites.

For some users, obvious ads through Facebook deterred them from the business. In today’s digital age, creativity is a must when it comes to marketing, which means reaching beyond the usual ads and campaigns.

Using Social Plugin Tools: Rebranding a Business

Facebook’s resources for pages offer many suggestions for creating engaging content, which includes using social plugin tools to let others know on your websites and profiles about your page.

I recently rebranded my freelancing business and took full advantage of the social plugin tools. To start, I worked with a fellow freelancer, Amanda Rinker Editing, Etc., to create a Welcome page for my business.

The Welcome page has received a number of compliments and has others asking themselves, “What do I need to do to improve my Facebook page?” Ms. Rinker also included a “Contact” page so those interested in my writing and editing services can email me directly rather than going to my website to search for contact information. These professional touches are just some of the ways businesses can create engaging content.

Another aspect of my new page was getting others to move from the personal freelance writing page to the new one. This is somewhat problematic since Facebook changed its layout multiple times this year. Along with this, the new layout with highlighted stories makes it easy for posts to become lost in the chaos.

To make the transition smoother, I have left up both pages for a period of time and regularly reminded users when the older page would be unpublished, both through my personal account to friends and family and on the older page. This encouraged users to go to the new page of my rebranded business. Over half of the previous page’s users have “liked” the page so far, and the new look has brought on new followers as well.


It’s one thing to have a presence on Facebook, but quite another to use it as an effective marketing tool. Today, businesses must use a variety of tools to educate, inform and gain revenue from their customer base. Whether this means creating a custom quiz like Remington, avoiding ads that might make customers uneasy, or rebranding to entice new business, it is important to see Facebook not just as a platform, but as an important tool in your marketing arsenal.



  1. A really good read and worth taking the time to do so. Facebook is not just for showing your pretty face. It is a crucial part of the spectrum of social media tools vital for marketing ones business. This article highlights some of facebook’s features.

    One interesting fact that I learned from this article was that viewers do NOT like ads from companies but will tolerate fb ads on facebook. So think twice before spending money on an ad on facebook for your business.

    • Megan Harris (MeganWrites Media) says:

      Thanks Alison!

      I also found the result from the survey on Facebook ads interesting, especially since Facebook tries to market these as a viable option to page owners. I considered doing one until I did my research!

  2. Great post Megan! I love the detail that you’ve provided here. So many folks have grown up with Facebook and don’t really understand that it can be a marketing tool as well as a way to connect with friends and acquaintances.

    • Megan Harris (MeganWrites Media) says:

      Thanks, Laura! I agree! I have had Facebook since high school and up until I began freelancing never realized how one could use it for their business.

      Again, thanks for your feedback!

  3. This is exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks a lot for posting!


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