When Is The Right Time To Launch Your Next Marketing Campaign?

Timing is everything in life.  Buying a car at the right time can save you money…..cashing out stocks at the right time can make you money.   The same concept holds true for marketing.  Launching a marketing campaign at the right time can increase your ROI and make you money!  So how do you know when to send out your next campaign?  It’s simple……analyze each medium separately and develop a tactical marketing calendar.  Strategically time your campaigns to hit during the optimum months or days of the week. 

Here are some guidelines to help with the planning process:

Email Campaigns – Various studies have shown that the best days of the week to send out an email campaign are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  It’s not advised to send out any campaigns on a Monday or Friday. Also…the time of day is really important.  Sending an email between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. is the best time.  Sending it too early or too late in the date may result in your email being deleted or being lost when people are planning for meetings.  Also, depending on what type of product/service you are selling, a marketer may want to increase the number of emails going out on a weekly basis during certain months.

Print Advertising – B-to-B marketers typically run their advertising campaigns with trade publications during the months of September, October, November, February, March, April, May, June.  Most companies do not advertise in the summer months of July/August due to the fact that many people are out of the office on vacation.  A good time to launch a new campaign is September/October  or February/March.  December/January tends to be quiet months as well for advertisers due to the holidays.

Direct Mail – Typically, direct marketers follow the same schedule as print advertisers.  A direct mail campaign should not be sent out during the months that people are on vacation.  The direct mail piece will sit on their desk with the rest of the mail and get lost in the clutter.   For B-to-C direct mail, a company may want to increase the number of pieces sent around the holiday.  For example, a retailer may want to send out a coupon to consumers to use for holiday gifts.

Social Media – When should you send a tweet out?  What is the best time to post something on Facebook? To gain maximum exposure with your posts, you need to knoSw when to post.  Statistics show that the best times to tweet are between 9 to 11 am EST and 1 to 3pm EST. Facebook statistics show that most sharing activity is done on a Saturday.  Also, the amount of sharing activity is at its highest around noon and just after 7 pm.  To achieve the most “Likes” on Facebook, it is suggested that posting once every 2 days is most effective.

Timing your marketing campaigns around trade shows is another way to increase your response rate.   Typically, trade shows run in September – November and February – May.  A great idea is to send out an invitation to your customers and prospects to stop by your booth at the show. You can offer a raffle or some type of incentive to make them want to visit you at the show.  Ideally, the campaign should drop around 4 weeks prior to the show.  You don’t want to send it too early….as your prospects may forget about the invitation.

The techniques discussed above all revolve around timing. The right timing is crucial to the success of your marketing campaigns and your business.  Time is ticking…so make sure you have your calendar planned out for 2012.  It’s not too late to start now!


Timing Your Email Marketing Campaign

Timing Your Marketing Campaign

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  1. Monique,
    I was so glad to see that this is your post. Would you allow me to re-post it on my own blog with whatever the protocol is for crediting you. I think this is such an important issue and so many people are totally oblivious to it. I admit I am not great at following the ‘rules’ either. Please let me know if it would be okay. I want to get this info out as many ways as possible. Thanks!

  2. monique merhige says:

    Absolutely! Yes..please re-post it and you can put me as the source…I’m not sure of the proper protocol either! I’m so glad you like it!!! Enjoy! Thanks! Monique

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