Giving Thanks to Social Media

In the spirit of the holiday I want to give thanks to social media and in honor of brevity I will keep this short.

Social Media has given a voice to anyone with the courage to use it.

Now those with disabilities or handicaps like the deaf have a tool in social media and technology to listen and be heard. Those that have been oppressed have found the road to freedom, even if it is still plagued by trials and struggles.  Those that have passion, compassion and dreams now have hope.

The spirit of America’s founders has been captured by this amazing technology, even if their dream seems to have been derailed recently.  The vision they shared, lives on with new hope thanks to social media and those with the courage to use it.

I recently heard someone describe optimism as something that does not exist in those that think good things will happen all the time, but exists in people who choose to find the opportunity for good in everything.

Social Media and Mobile Technology has given humanity the ability to be at both at its worst and its best.  Surely it empowered those who would do evil (i.e. terrorist), but has also given hope to those that choose to do good.

Social Media is the ultimate system of checks and balances, transparency is not a political tool, but the future of the human condition. We are who we are.  The time for misrepresentation is coming to an end, big brother is not the government, it is the people around you. What you do and how you do it will be decided by those that choose to take a picture, a video and then share it with the world. If you choose to do evil, others will find it and share it. If you choose to do good, perhaps even great, others will find you too. Governments and Media no longer control the flow of information, we as a people do.

However, history shows that the roads to atrocity have been paved by good intentions.  While I am optimistic and thankful for the way Social Media has changed humanity, I share the caution of Eli Pariser.

Let me close with this thought.

 I am thankful for the powerful voice social media has given me. I am also thankful for the powerful voice it has given to those that disagree with me.

Social Media is not my voice but a tool that helps make it stronger, the first step is having the courage to raise your voice, the second is in having the courage to accept those that would have a dissenting voice. Together you will keep each other in balance, and make the world a better place.

Happy Thanksgiving.




  1. Thank you. A nice reminder. It was #4 on my list:

  2. I can’t agree more. Since I met you Basil, you have changed my outlook on social media from indifference to awe. So many of the different ways I have personally used it now, as well as watching how others have, has begun to give me that inside perspective that you are so famous for in my book. The knowledge is priceless, so today I’m thankful that YOU dunked me into it headfirst and I hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday!

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