Twitter and TV: The Hashtags are #Here, #There, #Everywhere

Is it just me, or have Twitter hashtags been showing up almost everywhere lately? I can’t seem to watch a TV show or read a magazine without spotting one.

Hashtags are used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet to categorize those specific tweets to show up easier, and they are now popping up on numerous TV shows. Now, as you are watching one of your fall favorites, you can chat along with other people on Twitter.

For example, on Monday night while watching Dancing with the Stars, the #DWTS hashtag in the bottom right hand corner caught my eye once again and I decided to see what the buzz was about on Twitter. People were saying things like: @x0xMonetCerutti said, “Dancing with the stars should call itself ‘Dancing with people you kinda know from somewhere but don’t really care anyways,’” @nanchers said, “Rob and Cheryl are gonna win dancing with the stars,” and @gangstaNenoo said, “Dancing with the stars is all about popularity not about who can dance the best!!!” among countless others.

And this is done for a copious amount of other shows like: #ModernFamily, #Glee, #The BigBangTheory, #SouthPark, #GossipGirl, #Fringe, #HowIMetYourMother, #2BrokeGirls, #NewGirl, #TheOffice, #Community, #TheVoice and plenty more.  

Here’s a link to a YouTube video that shows how TV is channeling Twitter more often than ever.

There is even a show on the USA Network and a Website called Character Chatter, which allows you to “chat” along with other Tweeters about the “characters” in a show or movie. This show directly manifests the art of the hashtag.

Whether you may be watching Elf starring Will Ferrell or NCIS starring Mark Harmon, you can actively let your voice be heard. For example, in researching the Website, the left hand side features the latest chatter and the right hand side shows a character buzz meter. Currently, for the show Covert Affairs, character Auggie Anderson is getting the most buzz and user Christopher Gorham is the most active commenter for this show; comments averaging 1,256 a day. That’s a heck of a lot of tweeting.

TV hashtags are clearly a great marketing tool that has emerged from a shift in consumer trends called “Multiple Media-Multi-Tasking.” What that means is that consumers have increased multi-tasking with social media while watching television, therefore TV viewers are more likely to use Twitter and even Facebook while watching their favorite shows. This increases the chances of the viewer to hop on Twitter using their Smartphone to see what’s going on in the Twitterverse.

What about you, have you noticed these TV Hashtags? Do you find yourself multi-tasking while watching your favorite shows?


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Character Chatter

Multiple Media-Multi-Tasking


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