Increase Your Facebook Friends and Fans?

Just as with Twitter followers there are two approaches you can consider. You can add those who are willing to Fan you in exchange for you fan’ing them regardless of their niche or industry, or you can utilize tools and services that offer more targeted fans and friends for Facebook. This means you can either cultivate them organically, or use paid services who will do so for you.

Paid Facebook Friends and Fans

Increase Your Fans offers a great many social media network increasing options. For Facebook Fans they have a larger variety of options than most similar sites. Although this may be the more expensive in options, one centralized site can take care of most of your social networking needs, while supplying you with two important elements in Facebook fans, live users, and niche targeted ones.

Fans Galore is a similar paid Fan site. This site accommodates custom orders and while also in the pricey range, are also worth the extra funds to cultivate a useful Facebook Fan page following.

Fan Page Hookup offers a much more affordable, and a significantly less targeted crowd to be added to your Fan Page.

Free Facebook Friends and Followers Exchanges

Let Us Follow provides an open community of many different industries and interest with users on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Site users simply follow members to receive auto-follow backs, effectively growing your network with real users and not clones you may sometimes get with paid accounts.

Hey Gorgeous may have an odd name for a Friends and Followers service, but they have an effective method worth signing up for so that you can gain:

  • 250 Free YouTube Views
  • 50 Free Facebook Fans
  • 50 Free Twitter Followers

Hey Gorgeous does require that you show them where you shared their links on your social networks. Easy work for such a great benefit.

Increasr also offers similar exchange options as users sign in with their Facebook page and “Like” other pages. This generates reciprocal “Likes” for their sites.

Unique Alternative

Wildfire App allows users to create Fan generating content such as sweepstakes, contest, and more interactive events that can bring you natural followers who are already investing some interest in your industry.

There are tons of ways to increase your Friends, Followers, and Fans quickly and efficiently, or slowly and organically. The options here are truly great places to begin.

About Like and Fan Methods  

There are different schools of thought about this, some believe that paying for fans has perceived, others believe that generating real fans is the only value, then there is the middle ground and likely the best alternative. Find ways to target fans using paid services so that part of the likes or following is creating a unique exposure that is similar to advertising and may generate value, while also making the page seem more likable as the quality user does not feel like they are ting an interest into a site with only 30 likes, reducing the perceived value.




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