Everything We Learned about Sharing, We Forgot

This week I had a meeting with a client who was complaining that he wasn’t getting any business from his Facebook page or his e-mail list.  After all, it’s been four months that we’ve been working on this, and there has been almost no interaction on his wall, no sharing of the articles being offered to his “fans”.  No comments.  Nothing.

I took a deep breath, pulled out his analytics, and told him, point blank, “You’re absolutely right.  Your content isn’t being shared.  Because, even you aren’t sharing it.”

Bold statement, directly to a client.  But it had to be said.  Every article we post, every piece of advice given, ends with his fans.  No-one is re-sharing it.  Not even him.  Not his partner.  No-one.  How can the interactions grow, when no-one is sharing the content.

In the beginning…

When we were two, we learned to share our cheerios.  When we were five, and starting kindergarten, we learned to share our crayons and glue.  In college, we even learned to share our papers.

In spite of what we learned about sharing, we don’t apply it to our time on Facebook and Twitter.  We forget to share.

There is no denying that the social web is exploding.  Facebook has 850 million users, Twitter has 200 million, amd LinkedIn has 100 million.  We are re-connecting with high school sweethearts, and long lost friends.  But, we’ve stopped sharing.  We’ve stopped telling others what’s important.

How is it that we are more social than ever, but we are not sharing what’s important to us?

I don’t mean we aren’t sharing the good times, and funny cat pictures.  No, those we are sharing in the thousands.  I mean that we aren’t sharing the content that comes across our Facebook wall, or our Twitter feed.

The answer my client finally gave was, “Yes, I guess I should do that.  It’s just a click of a button.”

It never occurred to him to share.  It never occurred to him to offer the advice to his friends, the ones that aren’t associated with his Facebook page.

Why, when sharing is so much a part of who we are and what we do, do we forget to share the information that is most important to us – the information that will build our business?  Is it laziness?  I don’t think so.  I think we forgot how.  So here goes – CLICK THE SHARE BUTTON.  If you think something would benefit any one of your friends, CLICK THE SHARE BUTTON.  If you think the information is useful to even one person, CLICK THE SHARE BUTTON.

Why Share?

Because, sharing shows our friends and family that we care about them.  It shows them that we know what they are interested in, and what information is important to them.  Sharing is caring.  But, maybe most importantly, for those small business owners out there,  sharing shows that you are up-to-date in your industry.  Sharing shows that you are aware of the hot-topics, and that you are the go-to person for whatever you are trying to sell.

Sharing helps everyone.  Sharing brings us together, and enables us to help one another.

Sharing increases business.

So, next time that article comes across your Facebook wall or your Twitter stream, and you think even one person in your network would find it interesting, CLICK THE SHARE BUTTON (or re-tweet).  Your friends, family, and fans will appreciate it.

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  1. Great article Craig, it’s a good point, but we need to balance that with the overshare issue some have.

  2. Craig, I thought you made a great point about sharing. I do it all the time. At least I did until I got confused about where to share on facebook, on my timeline of my home page. Anyway, hope to see you at Trade Nassau. Sorry we missed each other at the Kioli Summit last week.

  3. I agree, Basil, that there needs to be balance between what is shared. I think it is a very fine line that we all must walk.

    Thanks, Alison. Just share wherever you feel comfortable. That’s how I feel. I’m sorry we missed each other at Kioli, as well. I don’t know if I’m going to make it to Trade Nassau. We may have to set time to meet outside of events!

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