How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Bloggers everywhere ponder the question. How can I get more comments on my blog? Assuming you already know the value of receiving comments at all, learning how to attract them can be half of the fight. It is important to remember that not all methods will work for every blogger, or that all suggestions will work for your type of content.

Encouraging Blog Comments

  • Ask for help. Blog readers are not always those seeking information, sometimes they are looking to impart their own knowledge. Asking for help on a topic is a great way to encourage blog comments.
  • Highlight someone. Blogs are not all about what you are, what you have, and what you know. Sometimes they are great forums for highlighting the skills and attributes of others. Take the time to highlight others and watch the comments pour in from that individual’s friends, family, and consorts.
  • Link up and put the other sites on notice. Linking other sites to your post can be an effective way to garner comments. However, not everyone is attuned to what it takes to monitor his or her sites for mentions around the net. Head to the site you linked and let them know that you have mentioned them in your article. Find their Twitter account and @mention them as well.
  • Mix up the media. If you commonly post text blogs, try to toss in a video blog, presentation, or slideshow post. If you do go the way of video blogging, do not begin with, “Today I want to talk to you about…” Just launch right in on your topic. Otherwise, your post may come off as patronizing or lofty.
  • Get Plugged in. By plugged in, I mean, get a plug-in. WordPress has a plug-in called Top Commentator Plugin. This plug-in will highlight your top posters and give them high-visibility backlinks. Once others spot it they may put more effort into commenting, even if only in the spirit of competition.
  • Host a comment contest. By offering a reward to the best comment post, not only will you gain more comments than usual, but you will also receive comments that posters have given their all. For you, this not only means more comments, but more high-quality comments.
  • Respond to comments. Make sure you reply with relevant responses to show that you have read the posters comment. Also, bring a lesson your parents taught you and make sure to say ‘Thank you’ to any blog commenters.
  • Filter spammy comments. Remove comments that are obviously there to create a backlink. When posters see many spam-like comments, they may feel your blog is too ‘unmanaged’ to deserve a comment that may go unnoticed.

There is no concrete method for garnering comments for your blog. It is more likely that a smooth combination of techniques will have far better results than using the same technique repeatedly.




  1. Thanks, this is very helpful post.

  2. I get lots of comments at so much of this advice rang true. Ask for comments on each and every post. Respond quickly to every legit post. Highlight others. I’ve never done the plug in or hosted a contest, but those are good to try.

    Jeff Ogden
    Find New Customers

  3. Interaction is such an important element, so is retaining a good sense of humility and an unbiased opinion.

  4. I also found this post to be very useful, I often feel embarrassed to ask people to comment on my posts, but that is silly and will happen no more!

  5. Thanks for some great tips on increasing our comment count. I read many blogs, and I often “forget” to comment.

    I think I’m going to try some of those tips on my blog, and see what happens.

    Thanks, Basil.

  6. Basil, great ideas! I love to read blogs that offer fresh and refreshing ideas!

    Thanks again, and I’m sharing this on my twitter stream 🙂

  7. Before we dive into that question, let’s face some facts. Learning should not be painful and also does not have to be boring, although it’s usually both. However, it’s unnecessary going to be joyful, interesting, either. From time to time we often have to work our ass off to figure out something or get a job done.

  8. I have the same issue with getting more people to comment. However I read a post where they also mentioned that you almost always must make a call to action. You must aske them to comment or ask them what they think about something or whatever.

    I trully think this works!

    • Calls to action always seem to be a good idea. That is what people respond to with Inbound Marketing, social media, etc. when there is an opportunity to interact. It may just be old media-dementia that make people forget that new media is all about action, interaction, reaction, proactivity.

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  10. hank you, that is great to hear, makes this fun and rewarding to do!

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    thanks a lot..for this tips.
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