Facebook: So My Business Has a Page – Now When do I Post?

850 million people are on Facebook.  That’s 1.7 Billion eyes that have the potential to see and engage with your posts.


But, exactly, when can you guarantee that the most possible eyes will see everything that you are posting?  How do I know if “now” is good enough?

It seems that there is a science to this, and social scientist Dan Zarella from Hubspot, has found that there are specific days and times that are best for posting to Facebook, and specific days that are best for having your posts shared.

As we review the best and worst times to share, something to keep in mind (depending where you are located) is that almost 50% of the population is located on the East Coast of the United States, and therefore, the timing of your posts should take into account this group.

The Best and Worst Days

So, what are the best days to post to Facebook?  The research has shown that the best day to have content shared is Saturday.  That’s right, it seems that this is the day when most people have the time to catch up with their Facebook friends, and share everything that they may have missed throughout the week.

So, when shouldn’t we post?  The days of the week with the lowest shares seem to be Monday and Thursday.  Keep this in mind when looking at your schedule of postings throughout the week.

The Best and Worst Times

Now that we know what the best day of the week to post is, what about timing?  Should I post all day?  Are there specific times when my posts are more likely to be seen?

Glad you asked.  The best time of the day, by far, seems to be noon, with 7pm a close second.  What this means is that your content is more likely to be seen and shared if you post it at 12pm and at 7pm (corresponding to lunch hours and after dinner hours).

The worst?  Any time before 8am and between 1pm and 4pm.  These times are the most likely to have your posts ignored by your fans and followers.

How Many Posts Per Day?

Now that we know the best days and times, just how many posts should we be sharing on a daily basis?  According to the research, the optimum number of posts per day is .5.  What exactly does this mean?  Very clearly, it means don’t overwhelm your followers.  Don’t post 5 times per day, and certainly don’t post numerous items in succession.  We all hate spam, and the more you post, the more likely it will be that your followers will consider your posts to be unnecessary and therefore spam.  You should also re-think your policy of posting daily, as the research indicates this may also overwhelm your fans.

In the end, engaging at any time is worthwhile, and these are only statistics.  Maybe you notice your fans are very active early in the morning.  Or you are trying to reach teachers, with no access to Facebook at noon.  Make sure to take your audience into consideration when determining the best schedule for you and your business.

What’s working for you?  When have you found is best to post?




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  1. Thanks Craig, great scientifically backed data. Very clear and helpful. Glad to have you aboard DBMEi and looking forward to meeting you.

  2. Thanks, Alison.

    I appreciate the comment, and am thrilled to be writing here.

    Look forward to meeting you, as well.


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