$how me the money—In 140-Character$ or Le$$

Kim Kardashian gets paid an estimated $10,000 per tweet. No, that isn’t a typo. It is a number one followed by four zeros. I’d be satisfied if I could get paid just $10 bucks to tweet! Then again I am nowhere near famous and my going shopping with my mother is apparently not as interesting as Kim shopping with mom Kris.

Kardashian is not alone. Former Playboy Playmate and girlfriend to Hugh Hefner Kendra Wilkinson is paid $11,700 per tweet, Dr. Drew is paid $10,000 per tweet and Lindsay Lohan is paid $3,500 per tweet.

What do these celebrities, among numerous others, have in common? They are used as a marketing ploy to drive traffic to a particular product. For example, Kardashian has a contract with the advertising company and last December she tweeted, “Heading 2 the gym! Got my @Reebok EasyTones on! LOVE THESE! Go get ‘em @Dickssportcmo.”  That’s a $10,000 dollar paycheck for just 71 characters. Love her or hate her, Kardashian gets paid millions to be herself, a job we are all very capable of doing, which causes the utmost jealously among many. Perhaps if we regular folks got paid to tweet, we wouldn’t feel so bad.

Well, maybe we can!   

Twit Pic of Kardashian in her Reeboks

According to social media Website, the top three ways to get paid per tweet are: My Likes, Sponsored Tweets through Izea and Tweet Mob.

Basically these Sites are for people who already have a high Twitter following and will therefore drive more traffic toward their Site. No advertiser is going to pay you to tweet if you have 3 followers who include your mom, brother and best friend. Once a high following is established, your Twitter account become more attracted to advertisers. If you sign up for one of these sites and have what advertisers are looking for, you will receive offers from them who will in turn pay you money.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I don’t know if I am completely sold on the idea just yet, but if you are interested, definitely check these Websites out…and let me know if they wind up working for you!




  1. Hi Vanessa,
    Wow ! Is this for real ? Unfortunately it fails the first step which is – if it is 2 good 2 be true, then it is. But, u never know. I see that you also aren’t completely sold and you assume a healthy skepticism. Vanessa – I believe you’re a real person (not a bot) and I am grateful that people like u can be found on the web. I have signed up for the 3 sites you recommended and lets just hope for our sake it’s the real deal.

    Oh, btw of all the social networks out there, I think Twitter is the most difficult to garner a following. Is there a trick to it ? I have people everywhere else but I only have 125 followers on Twitter and no matter how compelling, interesting or even controversial (i.e. I tweeted that Paris Hilton did a #2 and it smelled like roses) people don’t respond.

    Thanks Vanessa,


  2. Hey Mike! This is actually for real. I personally use SponsoredTweets and have made a fairly decent amount from it. It isn’t going to pay any bills, but it is certainly nice to find an extra 30 to 50$ per month. However, a few things I would keep in mind is to not ad spam up your Twitter account too much, the less followers you have the less you should run ads, even if for money.

    On increasing your Twitter followers, there are many ways, but I personally know that DBMEi will be posting sometime very soon a post on some serious social media statistics and I will make a point of seeing that we have a post this week on many of the organic and legitimate sites that will help you increase your Twitter followers.

    Let SponsoredTweets tell you how much your Tweets are worth and then drop it down to about half until you have over 2k followers. Then charge about a 3/4’s of what they say your Tweets are worth then, and you will find yourself with a fairly decent form of extra income every 6 weeks or so!

  3. Mike–It is totally for real! I’m glad i could spread the knowledge your way, and I hope those 3 sites work out for you! I agree with you, it is hard to get a large Twitter following, but hopefully you will read the next DBMEi article that Joy spoke about and both you (and I) could gather more followers!

  4. Hi Vanessa,
    Interesting idea about getting paid to tweet to promote a product if you, yourself are already a valued or popular commodity. I have a small following so at this point I am not sure anyone cares what I do, what I consume or where I go beyond my facebook friends and family. But I definitely will keep this in mind for when I become a household word.

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