Are Your Fans “Talking About This”?

Amidst the rash of new changes Facebook unveiled over the last two weeks, the changes to insights may be some of the most important for businesses.  Facebook’s own analytics system, called Facebook Insights, which provides Pages administrators important metrics with which to gauge their content and interactions.  These insights are available, for free, to every administrator of every fan page within Facebook.  And, up until now, the biggest metric business owners focused on was the all-important “Like”.

That is about to change, as Facebook has introduced several new metrics, one of which is “people talking about,” which appears underneath the number of people that “Like” your page.

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 What does “People Talking About” measure?

This new metric will measure user-initiated activity related to the page, which will include posts to the wall by fans, how many posts are “liked”, how many posts receive comments, and whether posts are re-shared.  In addition, interactions such as answering a question posed to fans, mentioning the page within other posts, and even checking into your business will be included within this metric.

Why does “People Talking About” matter?

This new number is a true indication of just how “social” and interactive your fan pages are.  It is also a great motivator for businesses to strive to create consistent ant engaging content within their pages, which in turn will increase the number of people “talking about” their pages, thereby increasing that businesses reach and exposure.

Is there anything else I should know?

In addition to the new metric mentioned above, Facebook has also introduced two other new metrics, “Friends of Fans” and “Weekly Total Reach”.  These metrics are important for businesses to gauge reach and exposure, as the provide information about the number of friends their fans have, giving the business a better understanding of their reach, and “weekly total reach” provides administrators their actual audience, reflecting how many people have interacted with your page or mentioned your business.

How can your business best utilize these new “insights”?

As a small business owner, these numbers can only help you increase your fan engagement and the spread of your message.  Now you are able to see just how many people you are reaching, how many people you have the potential to reach, and how much engagement your posts and questions are receiving.  With this new information, you will be better able to target your message and adjust it to increase fan page interactions.  However, as always, without engaging content, none of these numbers will ultimately matter.

In the end, create engaging content, and your numbers will reflect that.

How will you use these new insights to increase engagement?  How will they help you focus your message?



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