SMX East: Acquisio for SEM Display Management

A productivity efficiency platform, Acquisio was specifically created for search engine marketing agencies. Agencies are able to establish, organize, automate, and optimize their PPC campaigns across all search engines with Acquisio’s management tools, including search display and social media. This helpful platform will help marketers save time on repetitive or superfluous tasks so that more time can be allotted to campaign planning and improvement.

Acquisio offers:

  • External Data Feeds
  • Multi-Engine Bulk Editor
  • Seamless DART Integration
  • White Label Reporting Engine
  • Easy-to-Use Campaign Automation Engine
  • Advanced Budget and KPI Tracking
  • Automatic Currency Conversion

At the SMX conference on September 13th, 2011, Acquisio shared insights and their results from a year-long partnership with demand side platform. Without leaving the Acquisio platform, nearly 3,000 users are now managing over 7,000 brands by purchasing, tracking, comparing, and reporting on their display purchases across multi-million websites, without the need to leave Acquisio’s platform.

Many users believe that search and display should have been brought together far before now. The focus is on supplying targeted display ads for consumers who have shown intent by querying search engines with keywords that indicate they are likely to make a purchase. Acquisio has filled this gap by integrating this type of approach in an easily scalable manner.

Acquisio allows agencies to handle all tasks associated with their ads performance from the time of purchase. They host their own third-party ad server while employing single tracking functionality across channels. This in turn, provides agency marketers unrivaled conversion, revenue modeling, and reporting proficiency.

Who Uses Acquisio?

On the corporate level, users of Acquisio include the Yellow Pages Group, Media Experts, DAC Group, Guava, and many others. On the website level, Aquisio is currently ranked at #56,440 around the globe but does have a more concentrated following in Edinburgh where it ranks at #2,153.



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