Facebook Contests: What are they? Who’s doing them? Why?

Facebook contests have begun to prove themselves as the buzz generating, engagement increasing, fan count boosts that they are. Facebook landing pages have made creating email list for more in-depth advertising smooth and contact list-friendly. However, Facebook has their own notions about what you can and cannot share, administer, or promote via their platform. These days the best way to prevent your contest from kicking up Facebook moderator’s fury, is to keep any explicit elements from any type of promotion you run.

What Tools Help with Facebook Contests?

There are many ways to get a Facebook contest up and running. Many users with reasonable internet content experience can likely run them with little or no additional knowledge or training needed. Other users who may not have the knowledge or the time can easily engage the services of most any marketing consultancy to target this particular type of social media marketing campaigns.

Wildfire provides users with the ability to create different contest types.

  • Sweepstakes
  • Coupons
  • Group Deals
  • Trivia

Bulbstorm offers a similar experience as a consultancy and social media management firm. They have top-notch services that offer interactive campaign management to help those who may not have their own tech or social media department to do so for them.

BinkD is also another great option with free and paid options for creating Facebook contests.

Who Has Used Facebook Contest as Part of their Social Brand Management?

Many big brands have relied on Facebook contest to give themselves a boost in traffic, sales, and user-interaction.

Burger King

A unique and bold move by fast food giant Burger King was a contest they held in 2009 where Facebook users could claim a free Whopper for deleting at least ten of their friends from their lists. This contest gained instant popularity for a couple of reasons.

The main reason being of course that a coupon for a free Whopper was very enticing, but another reason was a smooth play on words that Burger King Contest developers used. As Facebook users deleted friends to gain their coupons, a message went out via their news feeds saying, “John Jones has sacrificed Emma Taylor for a free Whopper.” Many enjoyed the spirit of the contest, not just the free Whopper.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola execs also seemed to find value in Facebook contest when they attracted many new fans to their page with a photo contest. Users were asked to take photos of their most refreshing Coca Cola experiences. The top one hundred images with the most “Likes” moved onto the next level of the contest.

This method utilized a common feature of Facebook in that when users uploaded a photo, it was shared in their own account photo list. This triggered more fans that joined simply because they had seen the contest photo on a friends account.

Why FaceBook Contests?

There are a long list of reasons why using Facebook contest can be beneficial to your social media campaign as well as overall business growth. Considering the statistics of social media usage in marketing and business research, as well as the nature of many who love to enter contest, share photos of their friends and family, and of course win prizes, this is likely one of the biggest win-win’s in customer engagement for any size enterprise.




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