Traditional vs Social Media Networking with

The one thing that your business can likely never get enough of is networking. Why do we tend to let this vital aspect of business growth fall to the wayside? Traditional offline networking can be slightly awkward. Those who have never conversed are tossed together with nothing more than nametags to designate themselves from a mass, and possibly intimidating crowd. Usually participants come away with much confusion and many business cards, most of which are tossed aside.

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn also offer fabulous possibilities for businesses that take advantage of the connections possible through them. However, even though someone has been in ‘contact’ with others in relevant networks and niches, they may still be hesitant to refer those businesses to a friend or relation looking for a similar service. After all, they really still only know their online presence, and not likely their actual business practices. Opportunities members need only sign up to their site. There is no need to fill in a detailed profile or waste your valuable time here immediately. Once an offline event is scheduled in your area, will send you an email with a link to the event. Visiting the link will display the event and its vital details. Users are also given swag, or a benefit, for using their system. The GUI will allow the user to then RSVP on that event.

Once you have accepted an event, you are given a list of the attendees, so you can be free to start the conversation before the meeting. This can help to eliminate those awkward moments of old school networking where individuals have to strike up conversations without knowing a person’s interest or industry.

The Networking Opportunity Engine helps business owners connect offline with professionals in their local area. This method of business networking can provide users with the opportunity to experience new venues around town, while helping to promote businesses and further networking opportunities.

The Business Opportunity Engine

Create your own special experiences to help attract new and loyal consumers. Hosting your own networking opportunity events through your business will allow owners to take advantage of slow periods without out-of-pocket costs.




  1. Basil is always coming up with something new. He seems to review new venues as soon as they are invented. Without his insights, I would probably not hear about these tools for quite some time or if ever. Thanks for the social media education.

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