Is Wizzley the Next Squidoo?

Freelance writers should be well familiar with Squidoo. This great web 2.0 service allows writers and content marketers to create professional articles with helpful information that also provides many opportunities for the easiest type of affiliate marketing around. However, Wizzley seems to have stormed onto the scene recently, and they are looking like some serious competition for Squidoo Squids already.


I cannot tell a lie. When first asked to create a Squidoo lens for a client I was perturbed. One more set of guidelines, and just like Hubpages, for very little return. However, once I delved in I was equally annoyed to find out that not only is the creation of a Squidoo lens fun, but its A-OK on the shortlist of PPV profit sharing sites. Users can add widgets:

  • Facebook fan pages for increased social networking coverage
  • Amazon Afilliate Accounts
  • Amazon Sales Percentages
  • Zazzle Rewards

And so many more. Honestly, for the first year on Squidoo you can expect to make very little. After the first year though, you can expect to have a relatively decent income if you create at least one lens per week.


Wizzley has also brought a better format like Squidoos, to help those who remain frustrated with Hubpages formats and guidelines. Creating pages here is incredibly easy. Other options that Squidoo hasn’t added, yet, are also here for those who do different types of affiliate marketing. Some of the different account types are:

  • AllPosters
  • Article Lists
  • Downloads
  • Images

And other widgets that actually are quite a bit more user-friendly than many of Squidoos options. The usability comes in that Wizzley’s format provides much simpler tools instead of requiring users to know a bit of extensive HTML to provide high-quality 2.0 articles.



What is Web 2.0 Affiliate Marketing



  1. Thanks Joy, that was helpful. I tried Squidoo a few times but did not get the hang of it. Now I can try Wizzley too. These articles are always so inspiring and educational. DBMEi is a great educational resource.


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