Can Social Media Redefine Traditional Business Intelligence Strategies?

It seems that in recent years, social media has become a more frequently integrated element of a new company’s business intelligence platform or an existing business’s revamp of an old one. There is no doubt that the use of social media has begun to be a common format for business interactivity and in doing so, continues to contribute in leaps and bounds, to a company’s business intelligence.

Business ROI

One of the key goals of any business intelligence is to help attain a higher level of ROI. Business intelligence popularity continues to grow and is digitally multiplied with the use of social media networks and many available tools to manage them. This can make the time and money investment minimal, while providing maximum coverage for a company’s products and services. The promise of greater visibility, extended business decision-making opportunities, and the ability to reduce overall operational cost is why Business Intelligence continues to grow.

Options in Social Networking

There are incredible options in social networking and all businesses need to hash out the best options for their particular products or services. Overall Business Intelligence platforms can include an overall open choice in social network options such as a specific brand of blogger, or even a singular social platform like a Facebook Fan page. There are also options for platforms that include business intelligence features. Companies like Dundas and Lyzasoft offer their users Business intelligence platforms integrated with vital social networks.

The overall ability to instantly deploy business intelligence to help increase the end user experience will most certainly achieve greater functional and visual capabilities. This can also lead to yet more self-service business intelligence applications.  A large number of businesses now also use social media analytics tools to rate their own company’s brand awareness as well as utilizing it as a tool to fully examine the competitors.

Learning how to leverage business from social networking tools is a main focus in many high-end marketing campaigns, and that mass is likely to continue growing.

Business Intelligence Solutions Services

A responsible business intelligence solutions service provider will fully integrate the role of social media into a business’s BI to help increase its functionality and provide rewards for integration participation.

Thankfully, the collision course that companies are on with social media has a happy end-result. Companies need to remain continually savvy when it comes to all available options where business intelligence and social media can integrate to add communicative or brand awareness impact. Because of its unstructured nature, social media networks may be some of the most difficult elements to integrate into a business intelligence platform, but it is well worth the investment in time or money that is spent in doing so.



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