Develop Your Brand with Daylife

Providing consumers with cloud features including on-demand media options, DayLife is supplying their users with more features, functionality, and faster cycling. A comprehensive solution that is designed for digital publishers who may require the freedom to focus on creative experiences instead of constant publication input.

How Does DayLife Work?

DayLife provides a Publisher’s Suite that supplies the patented engine that helps users to analyze, ingest, and process digital media from the cloud. Uploading your media to the cloud begins a long process of collation, normalization, and data parsing. After the parsing process rich layers of intelligence and meta tagging data are incorporated into your content which will allow it to then become searchable.

Regardless of the type of content, DayLife dev’s assure users that their content will be processed and returned to them with added value. DayLife actually crawls the web like Googlebot, while retaining a direct focus on sites and content that provides high-value, frequently updated content.

Smooth Delivery

After DayLife’s system parses and analyzes the content, they will then deliver all of the power of media and intelligence straight to the user. Users can utilize their DayLife Dashboard, or APIs. The dashboard will provide a single user-interface to enable accessibility of the cross-referenced media. In turn, this enables further functionality allowing the creation, customization, and management of app deployment.

DayLife users also get full access to Publisher Suite APIs. These widely varied and well-tested APIs are customizable and best yet, have no hidden integration costs. However, Publisher Suite is not a CMS. It is designed to smoothly integrate with the setup you are already using.

Supply a Robust Source of Reliable Information

DayLife provides their users with a source of management, analysis, and content composition that will enable them to present their current content in more highly viewable and frequently utilized manners.  DayLife also has a variety of WYSWIG tools for specific platform accessibility.

DayLife technologies allows content creators, bloggers, publishers, and developers to try their own hand at helping to develop new user-end experiences by helping to leverage news-based content.

Who Can Use DayLife?

DayLife is an element of a business that may need to be handled by an IT department simply due to the programming languages utilized in creating the APIs. Those who have knowledge of languages such as:

  • RUBY
  • PHP
  • Cold Fusion
  • Perl
  • .Net

Although these languages are a bit more intensive than common HTML, users need not be IT specialist to learn how to manage them. Those with a general idea of what it takes to manage the above languages may be able to handle this element of their sites content aggregation campaign on their own.

What are the Benefits of DayLife?

  • Users can easily enhance their news content by applying proactive and supportive measures such as relating links or headliners, on any created topic.
  • DayLife can help users to generate new content, provide helpful and relating links, quotes, photos, headlines, and timelines.
  • Enable the recirculation of content from available affiliate publications or other relevant content around the web.
  • Help to create and nurture the end-users experience.





  1. Hi Basil – thanks so much for the coverage. We at Daylife appreciate it very much.

    (One small nit: the “L” in our name isn’t meant to be capitalized. I do the same thing with other web brands – with so many of them still using that convention, it’s very hard to tell.)


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