DBMEi Internships

Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives has a NEW internship program. We believe that we have developed a program that might be of some interest to you and/or your students.

The internship program with DBMEi is designed for students that wish to learn how to write for digital publications, develop hands on learning in digital media and marketing. Interns learn through the “Read, Write & Share” philosophy in areas of Digital Media, Social Media, Content Development, Brand Marketing and more.

The basic program requires six publications by the intern spread out over three months. During this time the intern is required to conduct research in an area of interest under the supervision of a DBMEi contributing author. The Program is administered by the Executive Director to maintain the highest quality standards.

Interns not only learn about conducting research in digital media, but how to shape that content and use sources to reinforce their position. Then we work with them to teach them how to use Social Media and PR to create visibility and develop followers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn How to conduct research in a digital setting,
  • Learn how to develop their personal brand and online reputation,
  • Learn how to format content to develop a reader’s attention and the search engines,
  • Learn how to develop a multi directional social media campaign to drive readership,

Those that complete an Internships:

  • Are invited to Contribute to DBMEi as a Author,
  • Receive a certificate of completion and a portfolio page,
  • Have a multiplatform personal social media presence the rest of their career,
  • Are eligible for development funding to a conference of their choice.

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