The Perfect Tools for Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook Fan pages have become the next up-and-coming go-to tool for large and small business marketing. Pringles, McDonalds, Skittles, Gevalia Coffee, Harley Davidson, and even Coca-Cola have joined in the mass march towards Facebook Fan Page advertising in hopes of increasing their own ROI. Although these business giants may have all of the tools of the trade available to them, it does not mean that they have exclusive rights to the creation of incredible Fanpages.

Why Choose Facebook?

Do your homework before you launch your own Facebook Fanpage campaign and you are far more likely to achieve the success you seek.

Inside Facebook is a blog that is dedicated to helping track Facebook stats, insider marketing information and more.

Facebook Platform Impact explains the benefits received when Facebook opened up its company to advertisers and developers.

Facebook Ads Page  provides business owners with marketing research solutions and other forms of social media integration when it comes to online marketing.

Facebook Fan Page Advertising Tips and Tricks

Social Networks Find Ways to Monetize Data can help teach business owners how to make money off of Facebook Fan Page friends with helpful analyses and tips.

Acebucks have provided the ability to allow users to take surveys, play games, and participate in other social media options that allows them the chance to cash them in for real-world prizes such as iPods and Wii systems.

Facebooks Secret Rate Card site can explain which Facebook advertising options are truly worth your time, effort, and money.

Free Facebook Marketing Opportunities

Facebook Marketplace may be considered a place where college kids can go to buy or sell a used couch, but savvy business owners can also use it to advertise products, services, and opportunities.

FunWall allows business owners to quit wasting time sending out mass emails, and start using Funwall to create messages or even to send greetings to all of your Fans at once.

Get a Like Button to place on your website or blog posts. This can help increase fans by providing them with a quick tool to “Like” your page and join the social networking community with you.

By providing direct contact and interaction with your consumers, you can learn the value of social media networking for your business as it continues to grow. Gone are the days where a weekly email or monthly newsletter appeases those who have interest in your products or services. Many consumers can find few excuses for emails that do not receive replies, or discount sales without details. Don’t let your company get left behind in the world of social media.

5 Inspiring Facebook Fanpage Case Studies

20 Examples of Great Facebook Fan Pages

8 Essential Apps for Your Facebook Fan Page



  1. Thanks Joy for the great insights into Facebook Fan pages for business marketing. I am doing a post on Social Media that dovetails perfectly into yours since I mention everything but Fan pages. How’s that for team work.

  2. Perfect!


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