Rethinking How You Measure PR Programs

We have all heard of the saying “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”…well this applies to a  company’s PR efforts.   Most CEO’s want instant gratification and an immediate return on investment, which is not the case with most forms of marketing.   The perception out there is “I spent all this money on marketing and I want to see immediate results” Patience is a virtue…and measuring results of a marketing campaign takes time and dedication.   Similar to the time it takes to prepare a campaign for launch, measuring results can span from 3 – 12 months after the campaign drops.

The key is to come up with measurement reports that depict the right metric for that particular marketing campaign.  For example, what is the right measurement or key indicator for a Public Relations program?  Is it generating a qualified lead/ sale within 1 month or is it building mind share over time?  The answer is “building mind share within your target audience”…The next question you are probably asking is how do you track mind share?  Here is the answer:

What is mind share?

Informal measure of the amount of talk, mention, or reference an idea, firm, or product generates in public or media.  It is also the development of consumer awareness or popularity which marketers try to maximize.

How do you track mind share?

  1. Find out who is talking about  your product or company
  2. Find out when and how often your company is mentioned in an article, on a social media site, or on TV.
  3. Find out what they are saying about your product or company

There are a few ways to track the above which include customer surveys, email campaigns, and software programs that track all social media sites and blogs.  A full analysis of competitor brands should be included as well.  Also, utilizing PR Web to send out press releases gives you access to analytical reports on how many people clicked on your press release and read it.

All of this information should be tracked on a measurement report or marketing dashboard and reviewed with management on a monthly basis.  It can take up to 6 months or longer to feel the effects of a PR campaign.

Direct Marketing vs Public Relations

If you are looking for instant gratification, then the best marketing vehicle is direct marketing.  Direct marketing includes a direct mail or email campaign where there is a measurable response. The goal is to generate a qualified lead immediately by utilizing a compelling Call To Action (offer).  

The most important thing that a marketer can do is set realistic goals and objectives for each marketing campaign.  Don’t run a PR campaign and expect an increase in revenue within a will set yourself up for disappointment.  Just like anything good in life…it’s worth the wait…so don’t be hasty in making decisions to cut all your PR efforts because down the road you will regret it!

A good marketer knows that it’s all about patience and planning… don’t sell yourself short! 


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  1. Thanks Monique. I found your post very informative especially the distinction between a PR program and direct marketing. Looking forward to reading more of your writing and to meeting you.
    From one of your fellow DBMEi writers,
    Alison Gilbert

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