Issuu for Your Publication Issues

You’ll hear a lot of people – especially web designers, talk about how “print is dead”. The influx of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, may indeed mark the beginning of the end for the print community…but by no means is traditional print advertising ‘dead’. Many companies still rely on print advertising in magazines, newspapers; and at the same time, these various publications are trying to find a way to translate their product to the digital realm. Enter

There are so many available publishing formats on the net, many free, many costly. Because of the many available sites, there are also many available formats for publication uploads and downloads. This can make business difficult for publishers who want to see their hard-earned accomplishments displayed in their finest surroundings via custom cover designs, book descriptions, and more.

The Danish start-up known as Issuu now offers publishing platforms that can turn any uploaded document into a gorgeous online publication. Their numbers support that this is a format that many online publishers have been seeking. They also support Time-Magazines bid when it placed Issuu in the Top 50 Best Websites of 2009. With over 3.4 billionglobal impressions monthly on a global scale, the service shot to the top in its industry early on.

User Ease

Getting signed up is as easy as entering your email address and a favored password. Users can also take advantage of its Facebook integration sign up. Once the account is confirmed via email, users can quickly add contacts via their Gmail, Yahoo, Plaxo, or Windows Live Hotmail accounts.

Once logged in there are plenty of options to help customize your Issuu profile, settings and more. Getting started is as easy as selecting the upload feature, browsing your local folders for the publication file, and entering key descriptions of the publication. Next users can choose their publishing and sharing options, and then it is on to the upload process. From there users simply customize their publication cover and other options, and publish away.

Once your profile is complete and you have uploaded your publication, Issuu automatically lays the digital publication out into a magazine format complete with a fake ‘reflection’ from the gloss of a magazine cover. Viewers have the ability to view their publication as is, or switch to full screen mode. This is where Issuu really shines. It blows up the magazine to full screen viewing and even has a mock page turning animation that gives the viewer the sense of flipping through a printed publication. All the usual social media buttons are included and give the user the ability to share the digital publication through social media outlets like facebook and twitter, email to a client list or embed the digital booklet into their own site.

New Reseller Feature

The responsibility of an Issuu Reseller is to help your clients get the best out of their printed publications. Resllers may be anyone from government and marketing agencies to freelancers. Resellers can create and manage as many accounts as they need. One master account can control all of the individual, or client, accounts. The master account also handles and manages all payments.

Resellers can customize their client’s publications to fit their identity, or current cover, site, or business color scheme or theme. Advanced API’s gives the reseller immense flexibility and functionality in their customization processes. As resellers add clients and publications to their accounts, they can begin to build up discounted rates that can go as high as 85%.

It seems like Issuu may have gotten it right where many other publication services have failed. Issuu supports an incredibly wide variety of document extensions and does a great job at providing necessary formatting automatically, as well as allowing manual options for detailed perfection.


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