Klout vs PeerIndex vs Social IQ

Although Klout is certainly a highly popular format for social influence measurement, it is not the only tool available for this type of social media standing calculation.

Klout Review

Currently, Klout is definitively the leader in this social media-indexing race. Although some people continue to question the validity of the topics that are dubbed as a user’s ‘expert’ topics, others say that Klout is right on time when it comes to knowing what niches a person has a public passion for. 

Since early May of 2011, Klout has shown a steady rise in viewers. With only 1,208 sites having better three-month global traffic rankings, and the site holding steady in the US at #303, it shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. With new Klout Perks cropping up with increasing frequency, the buzz about this choice in social media monitoring does not leave out any of its pros, and even has its fair share of cons as well.

Some users report inconsistencies in what they are truly passionate about, and what Klout has derived as their interests from previous posts, statuses, and tweets. It seems that giving digital high-fives may only be worthy of Klout points if Klout is passionate about your topic, or simply just recognizes it as common.


PeerIndex is another ingenious algorithm that measures the influence with a three A list.

  • Audience
  • Activity
  • Authority

These three elements are then evaluated and averaged in order to create each user’s Peer Index. The collaborated Peer Index will then reflect a number from zero to one-hundred, one-hundred being the highest.  

Another benefit to Peer Index and Mozilla users is a very helpful plugin that will reflect any Twitter users PeerIndex score on any website, forum, or any html based page where the @ symbol is used before a legitimate Twitter account name. This means that if you ever find yourself in need of someone with high authority in your niche, you are a simple Tweet stream away from the familiar and comforting highlighted PeerIndex rating. It also means an instant perusal of site owners’ proven level of peer influence without the need to manually go on a search.

PeerIndex has also been growing in leaps and bounds and has an Alexa ranking currently of 13,226 global with a U.S. presence at #7,326. However, only around 30% of users are U.S. based.

 Social IQ

A new competitor is also about to break out of beta and into the hands of eager users. Social IQ is defined as an algorithm that was developed by Soovox. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in sunny San Diego, California. Social IQ is the newest concept of the three in social influence calculation and monitoring. Still in their building phase, their main mission is to become a globally recognized element of new media advertising and influence economy.

Social IQ is taking the road previously traveled by Klout by enacting reward systems for users who have targeted niche influence. Login is just as easy on Social IQ s on the previously mentioned with manageable Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integration.

Although it is still in beta and quite off of Alexa’s shortlist, Facebook integration is already functioning and any user can see what a fantastic tool this will be once completed.




  1. Great read Basil and it looks as the tools measuring social impact and worthiness will be dropping out to of sky’s over the coming months.

    • I have to say that the one really impressing me is Empire Ave, it really is a very well thoughout index/game to see who really is social media experts and who just runs a business selling them…


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