New Trends: Online Retail Boutiques

There have long been many sources of purchasing items online. Ebay, Amazon, and other big names have made online retail a much more common method of consumer purchasing. For the most part these services have done their duty by general consumers, but there are others who seek a more of a personal touch in their online retail experiences.

Although most all of the online retail sources do provide some type of cash or credit benefits through purchasing, referrals, and networking among other consumers and shop owners, the more general the service, the more general the benefits.

The Boutique Experience

The difference between Amazon and sites like Fab or The Fancy is not only the products available, but the benefits of referrals and other methods may be a bit more beneficial for the particular buyer.

Items on the online boutique sites differ a bit from mass produced products on general retail sites. While Amazon sells plenty of high-thread count sheets for a great price, they do not sell those sheets custom dyed, and custom fitted for your customized mattress. Users can find just about anything on a boutique site to match an amazingly large variety of taste. Not only can users find unusual items for their uncommon situations, but also the boutique owners are usually available to meet any custom needs, at much fairer prices, than a consumer would ever find for such specific items on the larger general sites.

What is the Attraction to Boutique Retailers?

Some of the coolest elements of boutique retailers are the consumer’s ability to customize just about anything at an affordable price. Moreover, do not let your mind limit the possibilities. Unique items that can be quickly found on boutique retailer sites are:

  • Food
  • Media
  • Gadgets
  • Art

This list, however, does not do justice to the items any consumer can find to fit their specific taste. Are you a musician? How about a cheese grater shaped like a guitar for your kitchen? Have an affinity for Grasshopper art? Need a new purse to tote your doggy around in? How about just turning the dog itself into a tote?

Rather have your grasshopper art on a blue background? Or perhaps you would rather your ‘doggy-gone-tote’ be red, to match your shoes. Chances are you can send those shop owners a message, and they will happily create the custom item for you. Although some boutique items can be higher priced than their generic counterparts, this is not always the case. Be sure to shop around, and in depth for options that match your current interest. Another great element of boutique shopping is that you can often actually bargain out your prices. If you see another item that is acceptable, but would prefer to get your item from another shop owner with slightly higher prices, you may have great luck by simply sharing that thought with your preferred retailer. They may be happy to strike a bargain with you that will please everyone.

Get Your Own Boutique

Setting up your own boutique is simple. Most sites will allow users to build anything from a very simple to a highly complex storefront. Although some sites may charge a set fee per month for owning your own store, most often, they work much like Ebay where a small percentage of sales are calculated to pay for your online shop ‘rent.’

Even those who have no experience building websites can quickly build a storefront by following prompts and choosing themes to get set up. User can usually also create their own custom designed storefront by writing their own html or paying a pro to do so. For shop owners, the best part of boutique management, is that you cannot usually overextend yourself if you are careful. Most often items are created, and then posted, and custom orders are frequently expected to take longer.



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