Twitter Tools You May Not Be Able to Live Without

There are so many options these days when it comes to Twitter tools that users on Windows systems can implement to help them schedule tweets, manage followers, or aggregate relevant content. However, as with many things, options for Mac OS X may not be as easily found. This tool supplies users with a simple, clean interface that has easy-to-use features. Although Twitterific can be used for free, without paying for premium services, ads are displayed once per hour.

Look and Feel of Twitterific

Twitterifics screen is entirely resizable and can be used in full screen mode. Its white on black appearance may not be the most favored choice for many users but it works great for the formats it is used on. Since replies and direct messages are shown in different colors, this helps to distinguish quickly and exactly what a user may be focusing on.

Users can also configure a few of these options such as the ability to show Twitter errors as highlighted as to be easily recognized regardless of the size of device they are being viewed on. Across all devices, once a Tweet has been read, it will be dimmed.

Twitterific Coverage and Common Commands

Twitterific is available for Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone. All of Twitterifics options are available through the click of a mouse on your desktop or the tap of a screen on other devices. Command Mac commands such as the command-W combo to close your screen also work on Twitterific.

Who Uses Twitterific?

Twitterific is currently ranked #209,891 globally and it is currently ranked as a desktop application. Twitterific users are commonly men under the age of forty-five who are highly educated.

The TweetedTimes

The TweetedTimes can generate a newspaper from your Twitter account. This can certainly help any Twitter enthusiast to aggregate the most important messages to them, which their Twitter account has picked up during a busy day. Delivering these messages in an easy to read format allows them to be viewable on many mobile devices.

Who Uses TweetedTimes?

Currently, TweetedTimes has a three-month global ranking of #50,787. Most of its users tend to be women with postgraduate educations who commonly browse from work.

The Tweeted Times features sophisticated filtering and ranking algorithms that can help to allocate the most important information, and cut out the outright spam. Users can create a newspaper from any search term and TweetedTimes newspapers are updated hourly. This real-time personalized newspaper can cut your Twitter time in half and provide you with the most important tidbits you would have happily searched for.




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