Three Easy Ways to Turn Twitter Blurbs into Cash

You don’t have to be Shaquille O’Neal or Kim Kardashian to make money on Twitter. You may need their celebrity status to make $10k per Tweet, but turning your Twitter account into its own minor source of funding is quite possible for even the most obscure Tweeters around.


On SponsoredTweets users can sign up easily using Twitter account integration and they will not have to worry about their account being used, or unsolicited Tweets being sent out through their accounts. Simply wait for opportunities to come your way via email, and you are free to accept and create, or reject them as you please. SponsoredTweets is one of the few sites that try to avoid making anyone’s Twitter account look like an annoying spammer.  So unless you are mass posting, you shouldn’t have to worry about a large loss of followers.

Once your user score is determined, users are shown how much worth each potential Tweet may hold for them. Don’t underestimate yourself here, but be careful. Having a Twitter account that provides nothing but paid advertisements is likely to cause followers to drop in droves. It is possible to provide a good balance of organic input as well as some automated entries and still retain your credibility on Twitter. SponsoredTweets does go out of their way to be sure any paid tweets are not sent out back-to-back.


TwittAds work similar to SponsoredTweets. TwittAds users are given the opportunity to promote only the content they choose to. Signing up and getting started is once again as easy as using the Twitter integration option. Once opting into a campaign, users are notified via email once there Twitter activity is monitored, if they are accepted for it. The offered opportunity then becomes the choice of the user to accept or reject.

Organic Reviews, Advertising, & Marketing

There can be no doubt that taking the organic path will reap you more valued results. Although these methods may be hit-and-miss, they are also likely to preserve the integrity of your Twitter account more than the previous options.

A great restaurant experience, a perfect vacation get-away, or even new features on your favorite software are calls for legitimate tweeting. So do so. Better yet, grab a web 2.0 site and post a link to your full review of another’s website, products, or opportunities. Businesses that are active in social media marketing know when you do tweet about them, and many business connections have been made in exactly this manner. Your free review could result in future paid reviews from that company or others who enjoy your work.



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