Expand Your Social Media Network with Rapportive

After having a love-hate relationship with Outlook for many years, upon its last unresolved crash issue, I swore it off forever. This left me bereft for some of my most favored Outlook features. I desperately tried out other options, Windows Live Mail, and even Mozilla’s Thunderbird to name the most popular. Unfortunately, these too proved too buggy, laggy, or just plain worrisome for my taste.  Back to Gmail, with head hung a bit low, I resigned myself to making it my new email go-to.

I still miss my old mail format, but Rapportive makes me struggle to remember what I missed so much about good ole’ Outlook.

Social Media Checklist

Rapportive has integrated social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, and more into a user-friendly and interactive display on each email received or replied to. Although its formatting doesn’t look like it is capable of managing your social networking accounts, it is quite an adequate option for quick replies, likes, retweets, and link sharing. Facebook integration allows users of Rapportive to view the last status message posted to any account. Even more interactive is the ability to hover over the post to receive a quick one-click lead to read or view linked items, or even attached videos.

Twitter accounts show displays in the same manner Facebook does with easy clicking for replies, or retweets. Both Facebook and Twitter users are allowed to add multiple accounts on Rapportive’s Gmail add-on.

Digg, Foursquare, Quora, LinkedIn and work much the same way as Twitter and Facebook and can keep you up-to-the-minute on all social media post for each of your contacts. Even Klout scores can be shown on the Rapportive HUD.

To Top it All Off

For all emails that come from websites, for instance Ebay, Amazon, or any product or service site, anytime you open an email from this type of service, you will be given quick links to the sites services, contact information, main page, and just about any element of a website that you may be seeking.

Stay Connected

The great part about Rapportive is that if you have many social networking contacts, you may not even know which of your contacts networks you are connected to. If you have Twitter followed a contact but haven’t connected to their Facebook account, connecting is as easy as clicking the Follow option on the Rapportive people widget display on the right side of any email. There is no need to open a new page, search Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn for a contact, or fish around for someone’s Klout account.


If all of that isn’t enough to float your social media boat, then head off to the Rapportive Raplets site and add a few more detailed options to your already fantastic display of social networks. MailChimp, Klout, CrunchBase and other add-ons will make your already vast social network experience that much more encompassing.

Rapportive Integrates Gmail People

Rapportive Adds People Widget

Rapportive Just Turned Gmail into a Twitter Client


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