Will Wallaby Help Bring Flash to the Ipad?


adobe wallaby

Adobe Wallaby

In Spite of a trimmer device, and better AI, the iPad remains nonplussed by flash. To the rescue is Wallaby, a spanking new tool from Adobe Labs. This tool intends to help the iPad and its iOS, finally manage the previously taboo multimedia format.

Wallaby, a free cross-platform desktop application will revolutionize the transformation of Adobe Flash files into HTML. While it’s first preview was at the MAX 2010 Developer Conference nearly a year ago, its recent launch at FITC Amsterdam helps to peak out the months of the developers excitement on the project.

How It Works

Wallaby helps developers to transform FLA files into the necessary HTML5, SVG, CSS3, and jQuery JavaScript. Because it converts the FLA into standard HTML, the files are suitable for Dreamweaver.

Adobe supports that their overall focus is to continue to provide whatever tools are needed to produce their own creative content onto any device.

Adobe’s Senior Product Manager for Flash Pro, Tom Barclay, when asked for comment, shared that Adobe developers are looking forward to the feedback from their users about the coding they have chosen to generate with Wallaby. He also stated that Flash is highly likely to be the best long term solution for technologies that require an elevated level of interactivity. Admittedly, he also shared that HTML itself is just as vital to other elements such as banner ads or even integration with iPhone and iPads.


As if drag-and-drop didn’t make this a great choice for many, Wallaby also supports batch processing as well as offering diagnostic reporting. This gives coders and developers the option to script their own conversions or even to just drag-and-drop any folders in FLA format into an app.

While this still remains in an experimental version, the software also handles content such as text, vector graphics, keyframes and more.

One hurdle Adobe is still working on is the interactivity of the files once they have been processed with Wallaby. The test file converted beautifully, looked clean and crisp, and the animation ran beautifully, although the click-throughs I had created in the test banner ad no longer worked. Upon doing a little research I found that Wallaby doesn’t not currently support interactivity. Therefore, Wallaby is a great resource for converting animation that has been laid out in Flash but it still has a ways to go.


Currently, Adobe Labs only target browsers that are webkit-based such as Google Chrome and Safari. Their hopes are to get feedback on their code to free Wallaby for good and subsequently delve into the future of Flash Professional.



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